My Festival Registration – response by Tomasz

Please mention the name / topic of the event you want to participate in, and the city or town where it is happening.

Tomasz Morozgalski, ecology, public transport, healthcare

Work, hobbies, family life, leisure, pleasure… Which activities from your present life would you like to keep doing? Which things would you like to never do again? Which would you want to start doing/do more of?

Meeting friends, working, reading
And I would like to go to a library more often

What is an a question or desire that drives you or your work? How did you get started and what hurdles have you met along the way? Which doubts do you have about the work you are doing and the path forward? What kind of support would you like to offer others traveling a similar path?

By sharing your story below you enable others to connect you with people, conversations, opportunities relevant to your personal and professional development:

I don’t know. I’m not into traveling, it’s not ecological

Great, now that you’ve made it easier for us to introduce you to the others – start to think about the topic and purpose of the event itself. Why do you want to participate in it? How do you feel the topic touches your work or life at the moment / in the future?

In conversation about public transport, healthcare, privatisation of universities

name: Tomasz


Cześć @tomasz_34 czy zgłaszasz się na wydarzenie w Warszawie, czy któreś inne?


Chciałem zgłosić się na wydarzenie w Warszawie, które odbędzie się 30

Super! Oczywiscie bardzo serdzo serdecznie zapraszamy, tylko mam jedna prosbe - na polskie wydarzenie mamy troche inne zasady, zgodnie z formularzem w jezyku polskim, ktory niestety latwo przeoczyc. Prosze o napisanie nam krotkiego tekstu nt. Sytuacji w Polsce, co Cie interesuje, motywuje, wymaga zmian? I wrzucic go tutaj: W Polsce - Edgeryders

Jest juz sporo wypowiedzi w kategorii, wiec mozes tez odniesc sie do jednej z nich, albo i wiecej :wink: no i do zobaczenia w sobote!