Last update on POPrebel's work

As I’m invoicing right now for the past 3 months of this extremely intense work, I’d like to update on a couple of things:

All the stories have been responded to - we have new members, who signed up because of the festival, and these will require a new kind of engagement strategy and incentives. I have connected all the loose ends I had to connect by the end of last year.

The event in Poland was a great success, and you can read the reports on the Polish community, written by several attendees - Kaya, Aska, Robert, me. There’s one more promised for January from one of our speakers. We had around 50 people in the audience, some great speakers, actually, a stellar lineup, and some very good screenings. We received very positive reviews of the event, and the organisation was incredibly friendly and smooth. We have a great, no-drama relationship with @AskaBednarczyk and, luckily, our hosts turned out to be the sweetest people in Warsaw. It was perfect. And the food! Damn. Wonderful, plant-based banquet for our guests.

The event in Prague went relatively well, not in terms of attendance, which was a bit underwhelming (10 of us in the room), but in terms of quality - I’d say, it was a success. As much as I could understand of the talk, there was a deep discussion between participants about all kinds of future uses of the platform and the way it could evolve and become more engaging in the future. Thanks to @kuba_svehla enthusiasm and natural talent for connecting people, and @Jirka_Kocian’s great help, they are indeed building something solid out there. A real sense of community.

This is a list of responses to the event, with Kubarczyk’s link still missing.

  1. My Festival Registration – response by
  2. My Festival Registration – response by Tomasz
  3. My Festival Registration – response by
  4. My Festival Registration – response by
  5. Rządy prawa, czy rządy przez prawo? O autorytarnym liberalizmie sądów.
  6. Kobieta w Polsce
  7. Meg Frost My Festival Registration – Response by MG
  8. My Festival Registration – response by
  9. My Festival Registration – response by
  10. My Festival Registration – response by
  33. Kubarczyk

Finally, there will be still some invoices coming in - for the rental of the space we organised the event in, @AskaBednarczyk’s work and some smaller services (design, photography). I will uploaded them asap.

I have also announced the winner for the Polish community, but I think the other threads in Czech and Serbia have gone cold, because the discussion was locked and we could not finish taking the decisions together. Not sure how you want to proceed on that, we have an agreement people will be rewarded for both countries and posts written about it, but that’s the extent of these decisions, to my knowledge.

Let me know if there’s anything else missing from my side for the past year, otherwise, if not, thank you and good luck with everything in this new year.


Ping @Noemi @Alberto @Marina

Dear all,

when we have been thinking about „the winners“ of the competition for the best participant / storyteller, we have decided to nominate two persons:

  1. @MartinDvorak – who came with the housing crisis topic in Prague and have most comments within all participants.

  2. @LukasFidrmuc – one of very active participant who met all demands and was one of the most active partaker on POPrebel festival in Prague.

Have a great days guys & cheers! :wink:

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Wonderful @kuba_svehla - whom wants @zalesjan to nominate from his discussion? We’re rewarding people with both good stories and active participation in the discussion. Please add one or two names, here in the comment, then we will announce them in CZech on the forum. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have been thinking of two guys too:

  1. @Glow who made many stories and also quite some comments of other people stories (although I have been pushing him a lot!:slight_smile:
  2. @Creepz did delivered less stories, but contributed a lot in the discussion.

They both participated in the Hackathon panel discussion.

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@natalia_skoczylas @kuba_svehla @zalesjan thank you!

Indeed, we have been running communications based on that - given that these decisions caught up with 2020, we will resume it as soon as possible and reach out to the people you nominated, but I will need a call before. Most likely we will have a call with all those interested to continue in the project in different capacities - I would guess early February, and will send everyone invites. Thanks for the patience. I’m hoping the whole of the community story awards will be much improved this year, so that it looks more like a fellowship that is run by 1 person and we don’t need to break down all the decisions.

I am only now catching up with your reporting and while I know most of you have completed the work, and thank you so much!, can I ask for links to:

  1. your reports after the workshops ? I found Aska’s, but not the one from @kuba_svehla?
  2. the photos / visual documentation? If you haven’t shared it already, you can create a folder here:

I couldn’t add the pictures there, because of my low data quota, so I created the folders in the official POPrebel folder



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Here is the Czech report: POPRebel Event Praha - Jak na komunitu?

Thank you @Jirka_Kocian


Oki. Let me know if we need to credit the photographers in the future,
Otherwise all good, thanks a lot!