My Story – by CJ Sveningsson

I’d like to participate in Teaching Teachers Open Source

(Q1/3) What makes life good for you? Oh gee… flow, friendships, serendipity? I’ve got a user page on wikimedia meta, that outlines a bunch of what I do. I’m intrigued by Open Participatory Organizations, making things happen without forcing progress. I may never again do startup companies or hardcore hackathons. I would like to be able to have a little more focused productivity as well as simply more enjoyment and fun.

(Q2/3) Tell us about your journey! I can’t write down answers to these grand questions! :smiley: I think attention economy hit me over the head around 2010 and that caused my Internet optimism to positively disintegrate. Currently I live in a fairly pleasant synthesis of that and find plenty of purpose with my home in Södertälje and work at Scania Autonomous Vehicles. Still, I frequently despair, about organizational intelligence, (lack of) knowledge spreading or plain dumb people.

(Q3/3) What interests you about the event topic? I hope the festival may inspire me in crucial components of teaching open source culture, and to contribute some insights I have picked up along the way. Scania is making efforts to improve our Open/Inner Source capability, and just generally I have great expectations on participating in the Edgeryders Festival!


Ping @erik_lonroth


Välkommen @unclecj !

Det kommer bli super!

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I think attention economy hit me over the head around 2010 and that caused my Internet optimism to positively disintegrate.

Yeah me too, though it has not disintegrated overall really because I can train my attention away from the things that bum me out and put it places that are more inspiring - like right here. One reason I avoid Twitter…ADD inducing.

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Great to have you here!
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the workshop (10:00 to 17:00+, lunch provided, soedra hamnvägen 9)

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Yes, it was a reference in passing to theory of positive disintegration, suggesting I crashed into the wall of my cognitive limitations and had to pick up the pieces and find new behaviors from there.
Great that you can train your attention - I feel anything engaging or exciting risk inducing fatigue, anxiety and sleeplessness, and really hard to at least entirely look away from. The world of information and opportunities happen regardless if I participate or not… well, it’s the world we live in now :smirk:

Yes it IS hard and is the world we live in for sure. I admit that sometimes I get sucked into looking at something that is basically a waste of my time. I’m pretty good at not clicking on ads though.

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So in terms of positive disintegration, spending time online viewing certain things is a form of self-mutilation…?

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