My Story – by Jakob Wolski

Please mention the name / topic of the event you want to participate in, and the city or town where it is happening.

Hackathon for Ethical Solutions to Unethical Problems in Berlin

Work, hobbies, family life, leisure, pleasure… Which activities from your present life would you like to keep doing? Which things would you like to never do again? Which would you want to start doing/do more of?

All activities that are in service of how I want to be are things I would like to keep doing or start doing more of. E.g. being grateful for simple elementary joys of life, speaking honestly with warmth and courage, having a mindfullness practice, sharing food with friends and new friends, etc.
All activities that are driving the opposite or keep me from living the above are things I would like to stop doing. E.g. scrolling social mindlessly, not speaking to how I really feel, being to focused on goals and strategys to cherish simple presence with family and friends.

What is an a question or desire that drives you or your work? How did you get started and what hurdles have you met along the way? Which doubts do you have about the work you are doing and the path forward? What kind of support would you like to offer others traveling a similar path?

By sharing your story below you enable others to connect you with people, conversations, opportunities relevant to your personal and professional development:

A question I am sitting with deeply is how we can enable people to explore, live up to and connect around their highest personal values.
I got started on this question because I was dissatisfied with how my life was unfolding and I felt called to question it by exploring alternative paths, which lead me to the belief that values, cultures and social spaces hold great power in enabling a transition towards planetary flourishing. I have been exploring and sharing my ideas in talks and workshops since, but have not committed to start a more practical project yet.
I have met self-constructed hurdles (not having enough knowledge or grit to lead a project in this field) as well as problems in the realms of time and financial constraints, and more broadly in human biology and psychology and the current design of our social, political, educational systems driving behaviour towards undesirable directions.
I would love to offer my ideas, energy, reflection and potential collaboration to any who is traveling a similiar path.

Great, now that you’ve made it easier for us to introduce you to the others – start to think about the topic and purpose of the event itself. Why do you want to participate in it? How do you feel the topic touches your work or life at the moment / in the future?

I am extremely committed to the before-mentioned topics as my lifes work, because I believe it’s the most meaningful and joy-giving thing I spend my time on.
Both the topic of the event and description fit well into where I am in life at the moment.
I am working on ethical solutions (a social space to explore live up to and connect around our highest values, old and new cultural narratives, life meaning) individually, but also more practically with a friend who is also applying as a participant (Welf).
Our project is hugely ambitious and at its origin, and would benefit greatly from being shared, reflected, challenged and collectively developed. Besides, the promise of designing an MVP, building connections with people that share our interests and setting ourselves up for sustainable revenue are things that we would have to work on anyway, so the timing of the event could not be better :slight_smile:

name: Jakob Wolski


Hello @jakob_wolski_40, great to have you here :).

Your ideas, energy, reflection and potential collaboration will be greatly appreciated at the hackathon :slight_smile:

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Hi Jakob, welcome to our little home on the internet!

Jakob you seem highly principled. You are most welcome here. And I agree about values, cultures and social spaces. Robots won’t be replacing that.

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Hello @jakob_wolski_40,

the timeplan for the hackathon has been updated:



�8.30 – we open door�s

9.00 – we close doors
we gather for a small breakfast at 8.30 am and we start sharp at 9am

9.00—14 Deep Work
we’ll spend the morning of Saturday trying to step back from the problem-solving mind and seeing the full picture

14—15 Lunch break

15.30 Check-in getting back from lunch
In the afternoon we’ll dig into deep sharing and mixing of models, projects and approaches

16—17.45 First Round of Working Tables

17.45 tea break / stretch

18—19.30 Second Round of Working Tables

19.30 Break and Eating together

20 Cacao Cerimony and Celebration
We’ll celebrate in the night with an in-house party with cacao and nice vibes :slight_smile:

– we start at 11am harvesting the learnings from the previous day and continuing refining our experiments and helping each others to document and produce them. We’ll have a moment to gather feedback from other people and then hacking on projects and incorporating feedback. We’ll go on untill 17.30/18