New EIT Culture & Creativity

Some exciting news: EIT is launching new Knowledge and Innovation Community focusing on the Cultural and Creative sector.

By uniting cultural and creative organisations from business, higher education and research in a pan-European innovation ecosystem, this new EIT KIC will deliver innovative solutions to help these sectors and industries become stronger and more resilient.

An EIT KIC on CCI will empower network opportunities, collaboration, co-creation and
know-how transfer between education, research and business, within the cultural and creative sectors and with other sectors of the society and the economy. It will catalyse bottom up and top down initiatives at regional, national and EU levels. It will develop the necessary framework conditions for the creation and scale up of new ventures in innovative ecosystems.

It will provide researchers and students in many disciplines (including arts, humanities, business, social sciences and applied hard sciences) and entrepreneurs of the CCI and other sectors with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver innovative solutions and to turn them into new business opportunities. It will allow further cross-fertilisation with other economic and industrial sectors, acting as an accelerator for innovation.

The budget is 3 billion eur. The call will be published later this year.

First webinar was organized yesterday, you can access it here.

The networking tool is launched and it will be open until April 2022. I registered us there, it might be useful to connect with potential partners and set up meetings.

I’ll follow the updates and keep you posted!

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Promising! I am on board.

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However, beware the EIT. @ivan knows more about this.

Indeed, here and here is how it went between EIT & Climate-KIC.

I am interested in making part of this initiative, are you gathering sometime soon?

Hi Liliana, we are still not working on it as the call will be published only later in the year. At the moment we are in preparations for Horizon Europe, maybe you will join this event?

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I am joining the Horizon Europe event. Thanks for pointing this one out.

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Hi Ivan, The links do not appear regarding the dialog around the EIT / Climate-KIC. I am interested to learn more.

Hi @JZib, long story short: after a decade long partnership, the EIT funding for Climate KIC has come to an end. It will not be renewed on the same terms because of the divergences on strategies to pursue, evolved along the way.

You can find more on the upcoming projects of both organisations here and here.