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Dear all, I am a bit lost on the site, I was trying to retrieve the mesages I exchanged with @Ruxandra and @Noemi first about the initiative to direct the 2% with crowdsourcing to cultural projects in Bucharest, and then about the upload of my presentation from the workshop. But it seems I am not able to find them using the post system, nor the search option, and reply :slight_smile: In any case, I can only upload images though, and my presentation is a pdf file…

To @Ruxandra, how did the discussion with the business work group for the Bucharest candidacy went? What feedback did they give you?

To all of you, have a great holiday!


How to get to past conversations

Hi @Raluca_Iacob_Pop, hope all is great with you.

If you missed the email notifications which contain links to discussions, the surest way to go to past posts and events in a group is to scroll down the group page in Spot the Future, but that takes time… it could be that a post is shown as Active in this group block on the group page.

Your discussion with Rux got buried in an event no longer active here> (it’s in the second page of the comments!)

Your own post where I asked you to upload your presentation: I searched it using “cultural manager” and here it is:

To upload a document you go to the group page and hit CREATE A DOCUMENT (instead of create a post). anyway :slight_smile: I’ll let Rux tell you about her meeting. see you soon-ish I hope!

Meeting with organisations working on civic engagement platforms

Hi @Raluca_Iacob_Pop,

thanks for asking! We met Anca Ionita 2 weeks ago, and discussed about a theoretical framework for a civic engagement platform.

Through discussions, and through other meetings (we met Ana Tzoni, who is going to do a fellowship program at Meu Rio this autumn in order to learn from their experience and then come back and create “Bucurestiul meu” here in Romania)… we actually realized there are many actors that are already planning to create civic engagement platforms: (Funky Citizens with CDUT and others) (Komunitas Association project- creation of a sort of a database with all the NGOs, initatives and projects that engage the citizens, providing also online tools which allow you to engage in the actions that concern you).

So the conclusion was, that the next steps should be to all meet together, all these people that want to build or have build online civic engagement platforms, align on the vision, before actually discussing more in details.

We were planning to organize a meeting at the beginning of September (7th of September) at Hanul Gabroveni, Anca Ionita wanted to participate as well.

We just met again today with Ana Tzoni (who actually met all the people from these organisations), in order to align on the objectives of the meeting, and how to organize it. Next steps:

  • work on a poster and invitation for the participants (@Raluca_Iacob_Pop do you want to participate as well? It would be great!)

  • send invitations to the participants (next week)

  • start working on a presentation for the introduction of the meeting, and find a methodology to animate it in order to align with the participants and find common grounds for collaboration. (week of 17th of August)

-7th of September hold the meeting

Will post updates, as soon as we have more!


Back with an answer

Hi Ruxandra, I thought the discussion was about the public-private crowdfunding of cultural projects, was it not?

As far as I know, the civic engagement platforms that you mention work on other issues. Perhaps you can give me more details about how this could work. I am still interested to the concept and design of such an approach nd be part of the 7th September meeting, if it is still to be held. Maybe it would be best to have a coffee/tea and discuss this, I thing that for this tage of the process it is important.

Best, Raluca

(sorry about the changing font size, I have no idea why this happens)