News about our OpenandChange application and how we win anyway!

Earlier this week we received this message:

Context: in October, 24 projects led by formal and informal groups have signed a partnership and submitted a proposal to 100andChange competition. We proposed a massively collaborative way of fixing health and social care, and in the process we taught ourselves to collaborate online with low costs (most partners haven’t met each other in real life!).

We wish to continue working to realise the plan we all devised together.

How we can move people and conversations in OpenandChange into concrete steps to advance their work as part of an active network? Do we try to fundraise further? Some have been asking about the future of opencare as a growing community.

In 2017 we will put on a show and tell the world what is possible with resources and physical infrastructure deployed collectively. We want to build a participatory and highly inclusive OpenCare community event as an opportunity to engage in local dialogues to accelerate our work. The event can happen in your city, or any city which wants to champion community innovation in health and social care.

Just released: call for cities!

The OpenCare PopUp village involves reaching out to local initiatives in your city and providing them with a chance to showcase their work in action as part of the big event. We want to find projects that approach social, personal, and physical care in new, exciting, and unconventional ways i.e. projects that bridge the housing gap, or are investigating the creation of sustainable communities; projects finding innovative ways to access affordable healthcare; and projects that are working on solutions to address the needs of the elderly, migrants, and/or those people in society current underserved or overlooked by the authorities.

How any one of us can get involved in designing the event early on:

1) Share the call with contacts in public administrations interested to support an international event on community health/social care. For more info ask Natalia in a comment to that call.

2) Join an open tour to connect opencare with promising infrastructure built by communities around the globe. Request access in a comment below and I’ll share the calendar below so you can add your own traveling activities or project events on the radar! We expect to structure this tour properly in January.

3) Join a community call in the upcoming weekends to become part of a marvelous team building a radically open tour and event in 2017.

Why should we do this together? We aim to mobilize resources around your project and that of others in the network, by making it easier to act collectively and not wait.

Anyway, that’s it. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and volunteer new ideas so we can get better at this.

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