News from the Culture Squad

Here’s the small update on what is happening in this tiny group of dreamers. We’re actually working quite a bit lately;)

So, we submitted two applications lately in competitions, both to restart the UnMonasteries - for Advocate Europe and Virgin Mobile Academy. Both were unsuccessful, dommage. Nevertheless, these submissions gave us a great chance to put together key ideas and hopes for what UnMonastery could be for us, and to create a promising relation with Pracownia Miejska from Konin. So, we exercised our muscles, came out with a promising skeleton of a proposal, and figured out we want to do something similar, then why not try again, and again, and again?

At this point, we’re looking into Velux Foundation funding, for which we will apply with a gourmet version of the application this time. In next weeks, we will be slowly but surely putting together a masterpiece that no one can reject. In Poland we say, third time is the lucky time.

Meanwhile, we also applied for the EACEA under the Creative Europe Refugee Integration call - the project has a rather pretentious name, but I just couldn’t figure out anything sexier and shorter. I have prepared it mostly myself, therefore, all the blame (and prize, if any) should probably go to me. Huge help came from Noemi, who gave it a thoughtful reading and filled in the gaps when I was desperate. We managed to pull together an interesting consortium of Human rights/migrant organizations, artistic collective and well, us, as the hybrid and the engine. If anyone wants to see what did we do - check the proposal here, 32 pages. And if you feel like you could do it better or want to tweak it with us some time later on, when suitable call shows up again - ping one of us or leave a comment. We’re preparing a list of potential partners, and everyone’s welcome.

Things are on the right track:)


Well done!

Great work. Nice to see so much initiative. :slight_smile:

Well done Natalia. Next up: formstorm?

A pleasure working with you as usual!

Let’s take more time for the next application with @Justyna_Krol in Konin and increase our chances more, great minds think better together :slight_smile:

Once we have an internal deadline, say a month from now, we can build it up and also run a formstorm calling for other people working on funding calls to join in and get social as we stare at screens. End of May would be a good time for me…

totally, I guess we have a call tomorrow, so we can schedule the work together. I love the idea of a formstorm, and I will introduce our work to the rest of the community in the next newsletter, I hope someone will join.

Application reader


I’m really a fan of this culture squad, and i want to propose my help on the brainstorm or reading part. I was and still am involved in a lot of local culturale projects in Brussels and am an avid problem solver and meta or out of the box thinker. Would gladly help in this subgroup

That is more than welcome @Yanick. Tomorrow we have a call to schedule the work on the future projects (there will be a ton coming, I swear) - please stay tuned and we will gladly see you helping out with writing and hopefully realising those ideas.

Btw, as I saw you’re interested in the art/health combination already, this would be an awesome space to start, as I would like to create a collaboration of MENA partners and do something across the region. Will take a look at your proposal in a moment;)