Newsletter 07/08/2020

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## The Overview I August 07 - 14

The upside to downtime: Thinking slowly over the summer


Dear family and friends,

While many of our community have been taking a break from screens, in responsible ways this summer, it doesn’t mean we have stopped thinking about ways we can forge our paths out of this pandemic - in fact, we are arguably doing it in a better way.

We’ve been using our second system of thought - the slow and more measured way of thinking that Nobel prize for economics laureate Daniel Kahneman lays out in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. And we have come to the conclusion, we will be holding more follow-up events delving further into the recovery of the coworking sector.

Our coworking event held on July 21st was a great success with between 40 and 50 people from all over the world joining in to hear coworking space owners, technology providers and network organisers gathered to discuss some of the challenges ahead.

Join in the conversation here, started by one of our speakers John O’Duinn. He gives a good summary on what’s changed over the past few years in the world of work that has and will continue to enable employees to work remotely - something which, he argues, will have a positive impact on coworking spaces.

If you feel like digging a little deeper feel free to browse our recovery forum and you will find nuggets like this from Faye Alund, the chief executive and co-founder of Kampul, a co-learning platform, and president of coworking Indonesia association. His story is an interesting one as he has worked for an organization that builds ecosystems through coworking spaces.

We have also been thinking alot about the link between the global pandemic and surveillance. One of our latest posts discusses how the government of Romania has decided to translate its entire database of clinical data treated by the health authorities to its ministry of internal affairs. Let us hear your thoughts on this here.

In case you missed it

One of our founders has been looking at SSNA data and if there is a way for ethnographers to identify posts before before they are read. If you have any thoughts on how coding could be made more efficient to show results with the highest predicted semantic density take a look at this thread and be sure to join in the conversation.

Thinking Forests Fabbed Fields- Keller & Leitao from Ed Keller on Vimeo.

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