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When a crisis hits, we look for systems of support & collaboration that go beyond the status quo.

Dear friends,
As the weeks and months of 2020 tick on, we are coming to grips with the new normal and the changes that the pandemic has forced upon society. In many ways this year has become that of the ‘unplannable’.

At Edgeryders we have always believed there is strength in the collective and the journeys our members take together can help pave a way out of this unwieldy time.

To discover and learn about approaches supporting economic recovery and regeneration, we are hosting a Resilient Livelihoods Summit during 14-31 October 2020.

This is a work in progress where all the virtual sessions are shaped by the community. To prepare, we are hosting pre-summit early sessions:

  1. On the 21st of July, we are holding a virtual event to discuss how the coworking sector can recover from the economic fallout of the pandemic. We have invited seven experts from all over the world who will be discussing their experiences and solutions on how to form a new route. The conversation kicks off with this story:
    Nacho Rodriguez - Founder, Coliving Canary Islands & NomadCity Conference
    If you want to participate, tell us in a comment, and while at it, introduce yourself to the others joining! Participation is free of charge.
    Read more about the event and discover all the guests.

  2. September webinar: Relational goods, stocks over flows, systems over networks: a webinar on the strange economy of the Messina district in South Italy. Messina has become a thriving ecosystem where communities, foundations and market players all work together: they re-built their local economy, they developed their own economic thinking, with concepts such as “relational goods”, “stocks as autonomy”, and “systems, not networks”. Even their innovation is weird: solar panels made out of the pulp of waste oranges? A People’s Energy Company?
    This webinar is part of the Science Fiction Economics Lab started by Edgeryders in 2019 where we imagine new and radical economic systems.
    Read more about the event and the Messina story, and register by leaving a comment.

How you can get involved in the Summit

If you participated at a Living On The Edge (un)conference in 2012, 2013, 2015 or at the OpenVillage festival in 2017, you know that all Edgeryders events are participatory. All of us attending coordinate to organise a meaningful event. We are continuously looking for lecture and workshop organisers on topics they/you care about. How it works: you propose the topic, tell us what you are developing at the moment, and the Edgeryders team mobilises a global network to provide feedback or support you to build a sustainable initiative. If you are interested to become an active host, or help with anything you can, get in touch! Leave a comment here.

Other ongoing discussions

How are food projects rebuilding after the lockdown? Can networks of suppliers, food services and consumers make it forward together?

We are learning what the struggles are from up close and agree: ‘‘For small food producers, there is a lot the problem of scalability if you want to be fair, to have good products, good transport.’’ Do you know of initiatives which pave the way forward? Can Brussels learn from your city, and viceversa? Join Noemi, Yannick, Angelo, Puja and others in conversation here.

Universities have also been hit hard by the crisis. In many ways they were an already broken system prior to the pandemic, with researchers and academics faced with unpredictability, a lack of job security, and a system with inbuilt inequality and biases.

A new conversation has ignited around this, specifically in relation to German universities now hosting a number of ‘academic refugees’, and imagine new ways in which universities can be funded and operate. Are you also navigating the illiberal 21th century Academia? Leave a comment with your experience and connect with others.

Technology in the aftermath of #Covid19: Our community has also been discussing a route that many countries have taken in recent months to stop the spread of the virus.

From tracing apps that infringe on people’s liberties and basic human rights, to recent research that has found that in the Asia-Pacific region states that are inclined towards authoritarianism increased surveillance throughout the pandemic. What is the path forward? Join this conversation.

How a new internet could be developed - one that’s open source and free of big tech interest?

You can help. If there’s anything you want us to raise for an honest community discussion:

Get in touch. Edgeryders can support the work of changemakers in more than 80 countries because people like yourself support us with knowledge, contacts and resources.

Contact us on Email / Telegram

Ping @MariaEuler @johncoate @nadia - I reformulated some of @lroddy’s newsletter this week and thinking of sending it via Mailchimp - our mailinglist there mainly comprises old timers - Edgeryders from 2012-2015 and maybe a little after, but not those who are in NGI or POPREBEL, or Econ Sci Fi conversations at the moment.

What do you think?

After this week, the next newsletter can be focused on calls for participation as we prepare for the Summit.

Are we missing anything now? Edit at ease…
Will include news about The Reef and others in followup mails, it’s getting too long I think.

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mm I think it should put economic recovery and regeneration as the focus. Because it is super practically relevant to everyone…

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Ok, changed it to reflect this!
Do you have a date for the Messina webinar? If yes, add it?

It’s unclear when all the events are tbc, and we keep inviting people to online conversations, but hey, that’s edgeryders :slight_smile:

Otherwise, are we missing perks? What people gain from joining conversations?
The assumption is always that the topics are interesting, and they are, but it’s missing the WHY: why is this for me? If anyone can help with that it would go a long way I think…

Normally, in events the WHY is: meet extraordinary peers + get a ticket to the event.
What about for the Summit…? Any thoughts…?

how do I put in the rsvp functionality again? That may be enough for logged in community members.

I don;t know, I’d go to some event pages and look at the code -but most pages don’t load well for me,
Try here? Or other NGI events I remember had the RSVP option…

seem to be a lot of technical problems here are there @matthias?

yes, he knows…

does not work in the campfire category, you have to move it somewhere else (like sandbox), set it up with rsvp and move it back. To fill in people in the list you also have to move it.

@noemi, @nadia, @MariaEuler: until further notice in one or more days, please do not rely on the events functionality here in Discourse. It is severely broken due to a bug in the events plugin and also the reason for each and every crash of individual Discourse pages that you saw in the last days.

Hmm no, that’s should not be necessary. While events functionality is enabled per-category in the category settings, there is no setting that I can see that would enable or disable RSVP functionality per event.

If you really can’t create an event with RSVP enabled in the Campfire category with the instructions below, please file a bug report and mention exactly which steps you tried. For me, it works as follows (just tested it):

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  4. Click “rsvp enabled” in the bottom of the event form, select spots and perhaps guests.

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ok so @MariaEuler and @noemi I guess you saw this?