Next community call with Sofien and TANDA project.

Our guest next community call is @Sofien-Dahem from Tunisia.

Sofien is an industrial designer and a self taught illustrator from Tunisia, currently he working on TANDA project, the project goal is preserving and modernizing the African handcrafts heritage.

TANDA has quite an ambitious vision, Read a bit about the project here, and join us this Saturday 1st September at 11:00 UTC +2 to know more updates.

You can join via this link ( you will need to download zoom ) and if you want to get a notification, register here with your email and I will send you a google invitation.

Check out the documentation of our last call with @Heba on Tabdeel and cycling in Alexandria and leave a comment if you want to talk about your own project/idea in the next meetings.


I will miss this one ā€“ will be in the Netherlands at a conference. But I do know about TANDA. Good on you, @Sofien-Dahem! Enjoy the call.

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Hope to be online to hear more about the project development.
Iā€™m off to Mauritania (and possibly Senegal) in Feb/March next year so will try to find out a little more about work in that area that may fit the TANDA project with @Sofien-Dahem

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