Next iteration of the community response to #covid19: OCILabs, Network webinars and a Coordination tool

A conversation with @Nadia, @MariaEuler, @kajafarszky, @katerinabc.

Next steps for OCI Labs

Now planning 3 calls x 1 hr each with possible Project Leaders, Project Owners, and Project Contributors, based on the outstanding initiatives we’re seeing at the moment on edgeryders.

  • [missing] call for participation to each call to which we can then steer people to?

The sequence for OCI Labs:
Result of the calls: 10 project groups get included in the project incubation track.
People contribute followup tasks on the kanban category board (see below)
Follow up calls per project ran inside the incubator.
A crew for managing the program is based in Tunisia
A crew taking the requirements in from the 3 different stakeholder groups is based in Tunisia
Curriculum development - Zmorda, with potentially Jasen etc.

Webinar & Community Call Schedule: Proposals/Wishlist

These are community activities across the network which are tied to the main themes of Work, Wellbeing, Digital Communication etc.
Some calls are going to be highly curated (Maria), some are more informal hangouts (ex: Coping with Loss of work series). It’s important that these activities are organised according to personal interests, so that they are fun.
Example for the first webinar: Kaja’s online event to build together creative practitioners who normally need physical space, and are now trying to figure things out.
Date: 3 weeks from now.

Coodination through the new kanban board interface similar to a Trello board.

The kanban is a working tool that helps facilitators and community managers.

~ Can community managers use some version of graphryder to make sense of where to push, which content most relevant ? (Maria)
~ Can @johncoate @noemi look up the reports from Opencare and reach out to people to get involved in the Covid19 community response?
~ How do we decide where to put the focus of our efforts


Graphryder - yes, but we don’t have a big data set yet since the disruption of the virus.

look up reports - yes started by looking for specific names of people I know to ask directly. Am now starting to search through the platform.

where to focus - as I understand it, we are centering the Covid talk here in the Campfire, so then it is in the Campfire we should direct people to do their sharing. Yes?

Also this topic for webinar planning is not restricted:


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@prgrzn_10 and @kajafarszky maybe you guys would like to do the online event bringing together creative practitioners who normally need physical space, and are now trying to figure things out? You both are bilingual so it could be a nice conversation bringing together people from Belgium, France with peers elsewhere - what do you think, could you frame a nice invitation for an online event?

I’d rather not take the initiative because I’m not so good at it but definitly here if you need some translation done or maybe some graphic/visual work for the invite.

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Guys, in the context of “doing the same thing for at least two reasons, and if possible for three”, I propose you consider this as part of the response. Because part of the response is going to be protecting our civil liberties, and possibly disobedience to regs that are meant to facilitate surveillance rather than continued good health. So, consider if you want to contribute: there are three ways you could do it:

  • As a participant, if you have a point of view and would like to share it.
  • As a part of the team doing collective note taking
  • By putting the word out.