Next steps for OCI Lab

Update 2/4: A description of the OCI Lab special edition in ( response to the Covid19 crisis)

About the OCI Lab Special Edition (Covid19 response)

OCI lab special edition is a two-month accelerator that will support ten project leaders/problem owners to take their ideas/ prototype to the next level.

The solutions should tackle **issues that arisen, or been made either ** especially visible or invisible during the coronavirus outbreak. Issues that will cause serious problems in the during future crises if not addressed now.

The accelerator program will help the project leaders to drive skilled people engagement to their venture by organizing mini-challenges with a specific call to match make the project leaders with the contributors.

Experienced Mentors and experts will also provide hands-on operational guidance for project team ( Project leaders and Project contributors)

The Edgeryders sales team will support the project teams who validated their MVPs /Prototype/Business model to et their first clients on board, secure fundsā€¦

Activities :

  • Call of application / collecting the project leader needs in terms of required skills and expertise
  • Call for Mentor and contributors according to that
  • The online labs will be shaped like a mini hack with a specific topic ( e,g user interface ) the contributors should be UX UI designer the Mentor an experienced UI Ux, and the challenge is to create a user interface
    PS: the online labs/ challenges topic should be defined by the project leaders and the team have to cluster them for efficient communication, this is why the project leader has to submit an action plan with precise tasks to help us get the right Mentor and the right contributors
  • Weekly Follow up on the project progress every week or two weeks on the Edgeryders platform by a community manager or storyteller

In the second Iteration of this program, the offer of support for Project leaders and Problem Owners from the OCI Lab team will be:

  • Drive engagement and participation of Project Contributors through a stronger matchmaking process.
  • Support the Project Leaders and Problem Owners during the Pre-sales phase of their intiatives/ help them raise funds for their venture
  • The acceleration program lasts 2 months with an extra month for business development (sales lead generation) & fundraising activity

The process will be organised as follows:

  • Everyone: Cycle of Webinar + Follow up task + Peer feedback and evaluation
  • Projects Selected for Intense project incubation track: Mini-hackathons online for each team of Project Leaders and Project Contributors to work together and get things done in short sprints, each one building on the results of the previous one
  • We will introduce an element of friendly/ cooperative competition through leaderboards etc.

Next Steps:

We are currently reaching out to people in our network to work on developing the curriculumā€™s different elements. And we need help to do this quickly:

We will organise 3 video chats to gather input for shaping a good program that meets the needs of the intended stakeholders:

  1. One 1hr video call for Project Leaders: People who already are running projects that need some support (@luddilo, @matthias @mstn come to mind).This call would be dedicated to getting a clear idea of how we can make this program as useful as possible for you and compatible with your own current needs/ processes/constraints/context.

  2. One 1 hr video call for Project Contributors: People who have stepped up in the call for participation in the community covid response efforts, as well as others we will reach out to via an open call. In this call we will identify what elements need to be in the program (esp mini hackathons) in order for them to be meaningful, fun and respectful of your time/effort/constraints/interests etc. Here @trythis and @jasen_lakic @msanti immediately come to mind.

  3. One 1hr video call for Problem Owners: We want to dedicate a call to people who are currently navigating complex issues that need support in surfacing and aligning many different people, activities, projects, processes to address them. One example of such a problem owner is introduced by @alberto here: Epistemic resilience of the medical community: a proposal that just came through Others would be people working in contexts where the whole space /business models etc are affected by the current crisis and what will come after e.g people running physcial space reliant activitives e.g co-working spaces like @ichraf and @hugi or people working in the performance arts/culture e.g @kajafarszky @matteo_uguzzoni

What do you think , are you up for coming to one call which feels most relevant to you? Could be a different one from the one I attached your handle to - If yes leave a comment below and @kajafarszky can get in touch to help us coordinate good times for the different calls.
Ping @noemi @MariaEuler


Hi, thank you @nadia for the call. After reading some posts about OCI Lab, Iā€™ll be pleased to be involved in the ā€˜Project Contributorsā€™ call, in order to better understand the topic, the status and evaluate how to contribute to next actions.


Great! will ping you as soon as we have the details for dates etc hammered out!