Next phase of Treasure ethnographic research

Yes – seconding what @ivan said – feel free to do it in German if necessary.

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Coming back here to keep one thread on the topic.

@Nica, here is the corrected version - I will send it to SEAT tomorrow.
I made a couple of small corrections (not the electric car sector, etc.) and formatting.
Here is the similar proposal for workshops with UNI on life cycle assessment. Please, take a look at it and correct where necessary and I’ll send them out. We should include also Uni Zaragoza, they are fresh from a LCA workshop on the eMobility congress.
ping @matthias, @marina

Hello, I just wanted to drop a quick message to let you know that I’m back from Bern. The event was held in a lecture format, so at the beginning, I only could try to interview people during the short breaks. However, everyone wanted to get back to the lecture halls as soon as possible, so I only managed to get five interviews until noon. Luckily, it got a bit better later on as participants stayed a while in the break room during the lectures and chatted, which allowed me to get 16 interviews by the end of the event. But a pity, three of them stopped shortly after they began, feeling like they couldn’t do it well. So I have in total 13 interviews, and in my opinion, they went really well. What’s even better is that every single person knew what circular economy is!
I’m now going to upload and edit the interviews for transcription. seven in English, six in German

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Could you also prepare a short report from the event with the description (topics, participants, venue, photos) and a summary of what came out of the interviews according to you?

I already did it.

have a nice evening

yesterday evening I finished all interviews. The German versions are marked behind the names with “Ger”, so it should be visible, which one have to be translated.

The interviews in English have only the name of the interviewee.

To find in google drive, outreach, Bern User Forum.

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I got reply from IARC2023 in Geneva/Switzerland in June (Fee is 1.890 Euro). They have already my recommendation letter from you, but still have questions.

Here the request:
" Thank you very much for your interest in IARC 2023.
We would have to discuss your proposal with our management, so I need couple of details from your side 😊

Could you please tell us if you publish similar conferences as ours on your website? Where exactly would you publish the information about our IARC 2023?
You have mentioned that you conduct interviews on the topics of circular economy, recycling, reusing, etc., which are then evaluated by the scientists and submitted to the EU. Could you please send us a link to have a look at some of the interviews?
Do you collaborate with some of our partners?
Would your target group be more interested in watching the interviews or attending the conference?"

How can I answer them?

How I would answer is:

  1. we do not focus on promoting conferences as such, but we publish the data collected through our ethnographic research (with the previous consent from the participants) conducted during such events, on the dedicated section of our forum ( and the datasets on Zenodo (example here)
  2. the interviews/conversations can be in a form of transcripts used for coding purposes in a short form such as this one or in an open and longer form such as this one
  3. We are not aware of having collaborated with ICM’s partners, but we have collaborated with a number of European Universities, World Bank, UNDP, EIT Climate KIC and are actively involved in a EU Commission project on Circular Economy in the automotive called Treasure
  4. We would focus on the participants interested in the conference, but we would engage them out of the time scheduled for interventions

I hope this helps, but they could have seen it from the presentation letter

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Next Tuesday 11 April at 3PM CET, UNI has scheduled a call to discuss their workshops on standardisation which will include some of the industrial recycling partners.

They are one of the partners we planned to engage in our ethnographic workshops and I shared the proposal with them.
I will be in the call Tuesday, but it would be great if @Nica could attend the call too to see if and how we can best embed our research into the workshops they are organising. Are you available?
It is in the calendar and they should send you the link, but if you don’t get it by this evening, let me know.

So I´m now back from a longer travel in Asia :slight_smile:
Now preparing for the GTF in Berlin next week, from June 14th to June 16th. As I reported previously I didn’t get an accreditation as reporting journalist for edgeryders. So I bought in march an early bird ticket.

Are there any changes in the questionnaire?

I’ll be prepared to record the interviews in English and in German, if no English available.

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Let’s move to the thread on GTF here.

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Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Should work now

@Nica, @owen has now uploaded all Bern material.

I will contact @SiriK to see if she has some time to code the ones in German.
Did you have the time to check and give feedback on TXT’s survey perhaps?
It would be great if you could do it by the end of the week (the survey, no hard deadline for the coding).

I am doing the survey comments now.

I had a call with ICM AG, the entity that organises IARC 2023 and they agreed to provide a free accreditation for @jos for access and interviews with the participants.

We should share the script with them and promote the conference on our webpages / social media accounts.

It is a major event and the quality of the interviews could be high but we will probably have to sweat for a decent amount.
Besides the interview, it would be important to get a nice report with pics and topics which we can use to foster conversations.

ping @nica


I moved it here .
Let us always use ER’s Treasure Drive for our materials.

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@jos – I re-read the profiles and did a bit of research on the people I listed as desirable to interview if possible (with the understanding that it might not be). If it works out, in addition to the general questionnaire, it would be great if you could ask them, in free format, to talk about their specific industries vis-a-vis the concept of circular economy.

Specifically, two central prompts should be:

a) What aspects of your industry / field are particularly hospitable for circular economy and could help it succeed? Conversely, what are the biggest challenges (or what would be the biggest challenges, hypothetically) in your industry/field for the circular economy approach?

b) In your opinion, can circular economy be instituted and practiced in specific industries, or does it only work when all interlocking industries work together to practice it? (for example, can circular economy work in the automotive sector if it’s not also being implemented in the metallurgical sector, textile sector, energy sector, etc.)

These are open-ended prompts that, depending on the possible answers, will hopefully lend themselves to further clarification and in-depth discussion. It would be great to get examples, either form real life or hypothetical ones, for their thoughts and opinions as much as possible.

Thanks Jos!

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OK, I´ll do my best @Nica

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By the way I commented on the survey – I don’t know if they will take my suggestions. Some of their structure seems a bit imprecise to me (so, they conflate “not sure” and “not applicable” which I would not do) and they organize health-related concerns in a way that is not intuitive to me (cancerous vs non-cancerous concerns, for example, although perhaps there are industry reasons for that). I shared my thoughts, and they can take what they like and leave the rest :slight_smile:

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