Next phase of Treasure ethnographic research

I´m uploading the interviews - see my msg at Green Tech Festival. On Tuesday I’m traveling to Geneva, so I don’t know, if I can make all corrections from 39 interviews and upload them to google docs. I’ll do my best.

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Thank you @jos, great work!

Let us know when the transcripts are ready - @owen will upload them on the platform.

I am at the General Assembly today, Geneva is starting on Wednesday. It would be great to repeat this success.
Because of that it is not necessary to finish the corrections before Geneva.
I think it works if both reports are ready by the end of the week and we conclude the upload of the transcripts by next week. When did you plan coding @Nica?

After Geneva, we should have a call to assess and re-organise.


I really hope I can repeat this success. Hopefully people at IARC in Geneva are not so busy and short in time like Bern.
In Berlin it was on Thursday much easier to get people for an interview. on Friday it was very hard, there were not so much people anymore there and many exhibitors started to close their stands early afternoon. So I tried to get the interviews until late, but there were, if I remember correctly, only 11 or 12 or 13, I did record on Friday.
I hope Geneva is not only in lecture format like Bern. We will see.

Transkription are finished, now I am doing the harder work - corrections. I don’t know when I can write the report, because already tomorrow I am on the way to Geneva. So it’s good, that it’s possible to write it after Geneva.

That is such fantastic results, Jos! Wonderful!

There is no hurry – I am working on my presentation for Leiden and doing some work with codes for our meeting with Sirin next week, and most likely I won’t be coding these events until after I get back from the Netherlands/Belgium.

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Back from IARC2023. The second event in Switzerland was also in the form of a lecture. It seems to be a characteristic of such events in Switzerland. Compared to Berlin, it was tougher to get interviews. During the breaks, there was less casual conversation but a significant focus on networking and initiating business connections. A small amount of exhibition stands in one room were helpfull. So I was able to conduct a total of 31 interviews, several of which provided valuable insights into the recycling industry.
Now I’m working on editing the remaining interviews from Berlin and then the interviews from Geneva and to write the reports.

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Good job, Jos!

Looking forward to read the interviews and the reports.
It would be great if they could be uploadable on the platform by the end of the week. Do you think it is possible?

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yes. I will finish it until end of week

I have now edited all the transcribed interviews from Berlin. Are on google drive under GTF2023Berlin.
I have now uploaded all the interviews from Geneva to Sonix, unfortunately there is not enough time left to transcribe them all.

@ivan, can you or anyone else buy more time on Sonix? Thanks in advance.

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Jos, could you please put the link to the drive folder in this thread? Thanks so much!


of course @Nica

Here is the link for the drive folder IARC 2023

All interviews are uploaded, transcribed and corrected as good as possible.

I have to say either Sonix didn’t do that well this time or maybe it was the noise level at the events that made the recordings more complicated. Maybe an unusually large number of people from different countries, who all speak English a little differently, who knows.
I had to make an unusual amount of corrections, e.g. my voice and the voice of the interviewee were very often confused or mixed up. It took a lot of time to unravel that.

I do not know why.
Hope I can finish both reports this evening too.

btw: in Berlin 39 interviews (2 of them in German) plus 1 special talk with speaker and environmental activist Sharonna Schnayder. In Geneva 32 interviews some of them with leading CEOs from recycling companies.

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Now are both reports - GTF2023 and IARC2023 - in their drive folders uploaded (on Friday finished, but I must go, so didn’t upload)

@Ivan could you please check the report for IARC if it’s OK because you told me ICM wanted it. Let me know, if any changes needed. thanks.

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Today I am attending the Treasure workshop at the Raw Materials Week in Brussels.

I might be late for the call, but there are a couple of things to go through: @jos has just finished the Suttgart event, @bojanbobic has joined the team to help in this last period so it is good to meet in any case.
I don’t know at which point we are with the graphs @pykoe and @Nica

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to meeting you today :slight_smile:

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Friday 24 November 2023

Agenda and conversation:


  • objective: send the polished draft before 30 November
  • conclude the reset of the public facing website

Stuttgart transcripts

  • after @owen posts the transcripts, check with @SiriK the potential dialect difficulties


question: graph connected to the first report differs from the original because it includes the November 2022 codes (the report didn’t)
the question of metrics and edge aggregation
question of dates and codes

  • we launch two different studies on clustering from the association breadth and the number of edges
  • the value to chose for filtering: @pykoe prepares a post explaining the problems in a specific thread on Tulip visualisation

final phase of forum engagement

  • the progress is documented here
  • 4 topics per month (2 topics every two weeks) - connecting to the already existing conversation
  • engage the existing community right away and start expanding immediately
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Hello all, I’ve created a thread for the tulip visualization.

Empty for the moment but I will add all the material in it soon.

@ivan : How can I have access to the gdrive folders? for the moment I have only access to the different files that have been shared with me.

Many thanks @Ivan for the update and apologies for not being able to attend earlier the Friday meeting sessions. If it would be fine, I am going to attend in the future? I also saw that there are two interviews posted in German from Berlin, I am going to work on them next week, if this is fine with you @Nica?
Happy weekend and best,

For the moment I added you as editor to the whole Treasure drive. Let me know if it doesn’t work for some reason.

Absolutely, it would be great to have you in the call.
There are two batches from Berlin and Stuttgart that are going to be uploaded in the next weeks. They are mostly in German, and you would be the one to code them.
As soon as @owen finishes the work on the website, he will upload these interviews.

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It works perfectly , thanks