Next public presentation – 1 February 2024

Thanks Lie! That’s all clear :slight_smile:

@Dave_behave @ChrisM 52 registrations up to now :slight_smile:


Heya, I’ll be there (should make it for 7pm but can try earlier if need be) :slight_smile:


There is a chance I won’t make it by 7 and arrive a bit later. Would you be willing to sign off the names at the entrance until I arrive? (Any chance that you could print the list?)


Hello, thanks for everyone who helped organising the public presentation, I think we can call it a success: 20 households were present and already 4 of them filled in the survey. They still have time to fill in the survey until Friday.
@reef-full I am setting up the one-on-ones so keep an eye on your mailbox on Edgeryders :wink:
See you all soon!


Hi everyone, 7 households filled in the survey after the presentation, which is great !
6 of them have already been matched with a reefling in order to have a one-on-one (thank you for that!).

  • @reef-full I am still looking for someone who could have a one-on-one with a woman who prefers to meet during the day (not evenings), preferably in Forest, Saint Gilles or Uccle. Would someone be available? Send me a pm for more details. Thanks a lot in advance!
  • Just a reminder to take a look at the buddy system manual and keep @reef-recruitment updated whether the newling wants to continue exploring the project. The deadline for applying for associate membership is 1 March.
  • During the one-on-one, encourage the newling to particpate in a few meetings as an observer (plenary meeting, team building meeting, …) or participate in the scouting and community days (see agenda on Nextcloud)

Thanks and see you soon!


Hi @reef-full !

Following on from what Mieke said above, it’s important to read Section 2 of the Buddy System Manual if you are involved with one-on-ones with Exploring Members in the near future. In particular, things that have to be discussed are:

  • Engaging with the Onboarding Manual (and checklist)
  • Nextcloud and Edgeryders access (for all adult members of the household)
  • Being open to all 19 communes of Brussels
  • Attending a plenary and the possibility of sitting in on team meetings
  • Not trying to read absolutely all the documents online
  • The centrality of sociocracy and NVC to the project