Next steps for RezNet: planning for February

This planning thread comes after our strategy meeting in which we discussed a lot of things, but now need to go deep. I’m starting with what I feel is the most urgent - to continue the conversation on the point 1. from the notes: RezNet strategy.

This includes preparation for the upcoming Horizon Europe. Our standard workpackage needs revision, how do we re-shape it and possibly create a “puzzle”-like offer for different budgets? What topics we actually want to focus on in future? How do we shape 2-3 webinars on different topics to showcase our interests, outputs and results coming out from the various previous and ongoing projects? How do we build and maintain meaningful partnerships?

Here’s how I see it:

  • a team meeting on this topic either towards the end of next week or beginning of the following one. Book two hours. Here’s a doodle.
  • @IvanC is making a list of crucial contacts (trusted partners) we want to reach out very early on. He’ll be asking you for information. In this way we will at all times know who is contacting whom.
  • prepare a template e-mail for this purpose that we can use. @nadia and/or @alberto could you help here? Of course, it should be personalized but the core of the e-mail can be something everyone can use when doing this first outreach.
  • @alberto, Ivan and I wanted to ask you for a half an hour demonstration on the most effective way to search Cordis database. You are very good at that, so some tips & tricks would be great. Beginning of next week?
  • @marina and @IvanC are attending EMDESK webinar on Horizon Europe on 11th of February.
  • as soon as the calls are published, @marina does the scan and pre-selection followed by a presentation to the team. We discuss together what to pursue.

Works? If anyone has a different idea please share.

@amelia @hugi @johncoate @MariaEuler @martin @matthias @bojanbobic


When you want to see what the talk’s about, who you gonna call? Edgeryders!

When you want some charts that leave no doubt, who you gonna call? Edgeryders!

Discussion point: Topics List

I put together a preliminary list based on what I see as “universally” relevant overarching themes. But it is not complete - I am sure there are several additional ones that others would like to add/have represented.

In the first part of 2021 we will be focusing on the future of work. - it would be good to finalise which ones we want to focus on for the rest of the year.

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On the basis of the doodle I scheduled the meeting for 9th of February from 10 to 12h (CET). (invitations sent through the calendar).

It would be great if you could also attend @hugi @martin and anyone else who feels can contribute…

Will do, sorry - I had managed to miss that there was a request to doodle.

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For tomorrow’s meeting, agenda suggestion:


  • What topics we actually want to focus on in future? Please read ahead the list of key themes made by @nadia
  • planning for outreach to potential partners & webinars on selected topics - who does what and when.


  • our standard workpackage needs revision, how do we re-shape it and possibly create a “puzzle”-like offer for different budgets?
  • AOB

If there are any other ideas for the agenda, feel free to edit.


here is a list with some questions that were raised but not yet necessarily answered during the first reznet meeting:

The notes from the meeting are HERE.

Action points:

  • @marina & @ivan attend the webinar on Thursday, report back and schedule next call to work on the outreach events / format & timeline, with @nadia
  • key topics that emerged in the call and that we should include on the list are: green transformation, digital transformation, community building, placemaking, SDGs, regions, regional policies
  • @marina prepares a general comprehensive intro on SSNA using the material that we already have.
  • @amelia can be in those webinars on specific topics, to answer questions
  • @hugi would be willing to do a session on arts/culture/placemaking/community building, but it would be require some thinking on how to shape it.
  • @alberto writes a blog post on trends and opportunities for research, linked to the regional policies and the upcoming webinar with DG Regio; tags it; sends a round of e-mails. This event is used also to network and get the attention of the potential partners for Horizon EU.
  • in the meantime, @ivan starts the thread on the platform (company space) and/or a spreadsheet to which everyone contributes by noting down to what potential partners we are reaching out and who is doing that.
  • @ivan coordinates with Marina, Nadia & Alberto on searching Cordis database.
  • @marina maps the calls once they are out and makes the presentation to the team.
  • we schedule another call on re-shaping our standard workpackage as we didn’t have time to discuss that point today.

@alberto when would you have a half an hour for a short meeting?

Overview of what we know is here: Preparing for Horizon Europe. @nadia @ivan when would you have time for a planning meeting on webinars?

How about Monday 15th at 11.00?

that works for me. @ivan?


I would propose Tuesday - Wednesday next week if @nadia is ok with that

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Couple of notes. Start from here:

Also browse this:

Pay attention to proposals success rates by call.

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