Preparing for Horizon Europe

What we know so far?

Horizon Europe is the research and innovation framework programme running from 2021-2027. Budget: €100 billion.

Full presentation outlining the programme can be found HERE.

Each Pillar has sub programmes, some are the same as in Horizon2020 and each has a biannual workprogramme. The current one will be published for 2021-2022.
In there we will be able to find all the info on the calls, deadlines and the budgets.

For Pillar 2, the most interesting for us, the proposed budget is: €52.7 billion. All sub-topics there are quite broad and fit our work. We could organize our outreach webinars based on these @nadia. We should also keep an eye on Pillar 3 focused on innovation and support to SMEs.

The workprogrammes should be published towards early March. First calls are to be open later this year, around April or May (depending on each Pillar and its sub-programme), meaning that the deadlines will fall sometime in summer.

At the webinar @ivan and I attended today (notes), one useful information was to know that we can already now contact National Contact Points to get the drafts of the workprogrammes we are interested in. I will be reaching out to the NCP in Estonia for that and to ask about any match-making, networking, brokerage events they are organizing or know of.

We will keep you up to date.

This thread is linked to the strategy and planning for February. That’s where the internal coordination happens.

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In all its years can you name one practical thing that has arisen from Horizon Europe and which is benefiting citizens/communities right now?

It’s a great deal of money going to large, top-down organisations and ask any EU citizen on the streets about it and they’d have no idea it even exists. In contrast to money accessible to small organisations and grassroots initiatives, it does nothing.

I am very happy to be corrected on this point.

Hi :slight_smile: I am not familiar enough with the programs or most of the projects to come out of them. Sometimes it can take years before you start to see, or even learn about, the ripples. In our case I can think of at least two. The one closest to my heart is @thom_stewart ‘s mental health cafe in Galway.

Latest information aka “Horizon leaks”:

I was in contact with Estonian NCP trying to get the drafts of workprogrammes. It seems now they were finally shared by the EC in what they call a “transparency exercise”:

…after the confidential documents began circulating on the internet in January…Research stakeholders have been complaining about the Commission’s lack of transparency in the way draft programmes have been handled, decrying the uneven access to these documents, which allows institutions that are better connected to the Brussels policy machine to plan ahead of less-favoured counterparts.

The final rubber-stamped versions will appear early in May.

To begin with, I am going to focus on the Pillar 2: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society.

@ivan might look at Climate? (p.s. EC webinar is happening on the 24th of March, in the calendar).

Before the official publication of the calls in May we should have an idea what calls are interesting for us and who we want to partner up with. Expect a dedicated RezNet meeting on this, maybe best towards the end of the month once both @amelia and @hugi are back.

cc @alberto @nadia


Great work!

Sneak peak, the one I really like: HORIZON-CL2-2021-HERITAGE-01-03: Cultural and creative industries as a driver of innovation and competitiveness.

Very much in line with Kulturbryggan idea…@hugi @amelia we should definitely go for this one :slight_smile:


Well done, thanks.

Incredible what a mess. Between vaccination scandals, acta scandals and this…

Yes… but only with a super strong consortium, because it will be super super competitive.

Well, if anyone had any doubts on who our resident ninja was…


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@ivan and I attended today EC’s webinar on “how to prepare a sucessful proposal”. Basic information on the programme was shared, but they also talked about the main changes and differences from Horizon2020 which I found useful. There are quite some important ones especially related to the implementation phase.

All recordings and documents are available HERE for those who are interested.

Other EC thematic webinars are upcoming together with some networking and brokerage events that we’ll make sure to follow.

The idea is now to present to the rest of the team the programme and make first mapping of the calls we could find interesting. Here’s the doodle with some timeslots for next week (count on 1:30-2h for the call): Expired Group Poll - Create a New Poll or Contact the Owner

Everyone’s invited (but if you don’t see yourself being involved in this at all, feel free not to join) :slight_smile: @alberto @amelia @hugi @martin @nadia @MariaEuler @johncoate @matthias @bojanbobic


we have a date, see you on Thursday at 14h. Invite sent through the calendar. If anyone else wants to attend (except those who filled-in the doodle) please let me know.

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Hi Marina, I’d like to join the meeting on Thursday, is this open? can you send me the link?

Hi Chiara, sure, I’ll invite you through the calendar :slight_smile:

This is the agenda for tomorrow:

  • About Horizon Europe (15 mins): general info about the programme and main differences from Horizon2020
  • Selected topics (approx.1h): mapped calls of interest in two areas
    • Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society (Marina)
    • Climate, Energy and Mobility (Ivan)
  • Group discussion: open floor for questions and impressions
  • Planning: who does what and when

Thanks, got it!
See you tomorrow

More HE resources after today’s EC webinar “A successful proposal for Horizon Europe”, available here: Webinar: A successful proposal for Horizon Europe: Scientific-technical excellence is key, but don’t forget the other aspects (21 April 2021)

Two important events coming up, save the date:

  • EU R&I Days, 23-24 June (registrations are open)
  • Horizon Europe Info Days, 28 June - 9 July (lasting 10 days, we need broader team here to attend different and most relevant sessions, then report back to others)

cc @ivan