NGI Ethnography Code Review Thread

Use this thread / topic for a running code review. We can talk about best practices in our call on Monday.

Codes to review during bi-weekly meeting tomorrow (19 Oct 2020):

'don't need to know how to use': this is a placeholder for right now to refer to how people feel like they don’t need to necessarily understand the mechanics of how things work in order to use them and expect it to function well and safety. For example, users shouldn’t have to know how search engine algorithms work to expect results to be accurate

'privacy as space': another placeholder code to add more granularity to how participants think and talk about privacy as a set of different spaces

making decisions: made this to disambiguate from decision making since it was getting overloaded. referring to when people are in the process of making decisions, or experiencing it, i.e., “we had to weigh all these factors in order to make the best decision for us” (=/= decision making: the state of decision-making, i.e., “we need to automated decision making process”)

guiding users: created to add more granularity to UX/design connections.

self-censorship: whenever people don’t say what they want to say because they fear repercussions, feel silly about it, etc. was gonna go with “chilling effect” but thought this would be more broad

more ontological codes:
being practical
being supportive
making accessible

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functional sovereignty – is this the same as free-standing technology (code I have newly created)

contingency planning and potentially merging with disaster preparedness or mitigating risk / discuss how these all interact