No Edgeryders assembly at 33C3

Update: we got involved in alt33C3. See here for details.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we will not be organizing the Edgeryders Assembly at this year’s Chaos Communication Congress (33C3).

We have been offering free basic accommodation in Hamburg to 10-12 people in the community, with no strings attached, during 31C3 and 32C3. We also organized our own Assembly at those events, and were hoping to turn it into a small tradition. We love the CCC community, and feel we have much to learn from it.

However, 32C3 was already oversubscribed, and for this year the CCC team has taken measures to ration the tickets. We are certainly not central to their community, so we got in the queue like everybody else,  but tickets sold out before we could purchase them. No 33C3 for us. :frowning:

We are sorry but we fully appreciate the need for CCC to avoid overcrowding. We would also appreciate it if someone could advise us on how to work with them so that we can help a bit, and by making ourselves useful gain better access to 34C3 (and perhaps the Chaos Communication Camp) in 2017.

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Thanks for reporting back…

… I was looking forward to it. We will survive.

I hope we will find a way to meet again soon, Alberto and Noemi :slight_smile:


For sure

We will, @orangejon . Got any ideas?