Non profit the small community of young citizens , born in the ecosystem

There are young citizens willing to a world more beautiful!
A world where the philosophy and politics are a safety!
I mean where young people congregating in small communities established and permanent!
Where not everything and dictated by profit!
Where the study of life and a right!
To live free and a nature law (dove l'acqua scorre libera)
This world and around the corner and many call it ecosystem (, it manages alone, by the own rules, live it.
Simone Muffolini

State of saturation


We definitely need more balance in this world.

I agree with you. There has occured a blunting of the survival instinct of the race: we lost our balance in the ecosystem). This has been combined with a disorientation of the intellect: we lost our balance with the nature of reality, by attaching more importance to wealth, possession, or power than to life itself.

This is the malady that has ripped the mind off, as a result of an unnatural, hedonistic, egocentric, mode of life.

However, disorientation is never perceived by those who fall victim to it. Like the color blind who lack in the capacity to distinguish certain hues, many are not able to perceive their own insensibility to what is a most outrageous situation.

Decision makers must look beyond the narrow horizon of this time.

The current vision of the world is coming to an end. The tense situation of the world cannot endure for ever. We are coming to a state of saturation, beyond which it will not be possible to proceed any further. We have pushed ourselves against the wall.

The steadily diminishing resources of countries must one day impose a limit. It will not always be possible to advance. Consider the situation about oil. These resources are limited.

Solutions can be provided by tireless efforts of a band of gifted individuals, graced with ethical values. With knowledge of both the outside and inner worlds, lopsidedness with materialistic biais can be prevented. Otherwise, we will just keep producing monsters, an array of morally corrupt, power-hungry, distorted minds, causing devastation. We must stop continuing to rely on reason as the sole arbiter of human destiny!