Notary follow-up & things to do

Hi @reef-full
This post will be also for all those associate reeflings that will join us shortly, but for now, only full members are concerned. Following the meeting with our notary Yves Pierre Erneux (3 April), we will start collecting everyone’s ID & marriage certificates. I created a

> folder

where you can upload them.

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@ugne done for me. However, before we move forward, I think we need to ask the notary some questions:

  1. Do we need a notarial deed to start a société simple? (my hunch: no)
  2. How much will his draft for a statute cost?
  3. Like he observed in our meeting, there will be changes in the group between the purchase of the option and the deed to purchase the site. Does this require a change in the statute of the société simple? (my hunch: no). If so, does this change need to be notarized?
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Nope. A société simple works pretty much the same like an asbl, except that the stakes for the partners are higher. To launch a société simple you need a “foundational contract” ("acte constitutif), which can be drafted by a notary or a lawyer. See e.g.

This is a pertinent question. If it’s not too expensive I think there may be added value in working with a notary who has experience with Sociétés Simples for cohousings, but then it’s probably also worth checking with Joost from Okelaar to see whether he could help us too. In any case we will need to foresee the necessary budget in your budget for FY2024.

The answer is no, because there is no notarial deed. From what I understand from e.g. this article it seems like it is just a matter for the accountant to make the necessary changes.

It’s not like I don’t trust the Reeflings, but I worry a bit about the cyber security of our Nextcloud folder. If ever it would fall in the wrong hands, the combination of our IDs with the information in our members registry could potentially lead to identity theft. Would you be ok if I send you my copy through Signal?

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If people add their info quickly, I just send it all together to Pierre Yves & delete this info from the folder. But yes, @Lee , you can send it to me yours on Signal

Questions sent to the notary.

Done for Sarah and I

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Answer from the notary:

L’acte notarié n’est pas obligatoire mais le notaire est également juriste et en Belgique, titulaire d’un master complémentaire.

La rédaction des statuts de la Société simple requiert ici une forme de spécialisation pour les besoins de la cause.

Le coût est de 2.500 € + TVA.

Il n’est évidemment pas nécessaire de l’amender à chaque entrée et sortie.


Done, thanks @ugne :slight_smile:

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More precision from the notary:

  • concernant la rédaction des statuts de la Société simple: En quoi le coût de 2.500 € + TVA consiste et combien de temp cela va prendre ? Pour comprendre mieux.

Il s’agit d’une évaluation du temps que j’y consacre en général, des frais de dossier et de recherche que cela peut impliquer.

  • Est-ce que vous pourriez bous envoyer un « check list » pour comprendre l’ordre des choses à faire (par quoi commencer), étape par étape ?

Je souhaiterais avoir une réunion préparatoire d’abord, plutôt qu’un « inventaire à la Prévert ».

I am following up with him to see when we could organise this preparatory meeting so we have the check list. It will be very probably online.


hi @reef-full & @reef-associate
Important announcement.
I have just received a call from the notary (based on my last email how to move things forward) , asking us for the following:

• Send ID cards and marriage documents asap (in the 2-3 upcoming days). Please those that haven’t done it, put them in the folder (full members only)
> folder
• Have a 1hour online meeting to explain us the way forward and why we need societé simple, how it will functions and what will be its mission. He suggests - Saturday, 6 May at either 9am or 11:30am (given it’s a Saturday, perhaps we could go for 11:30am to be well awaken to digest this important information)
• In order for him to start working, he needs our documents but also the name of the societé simple. We must come up with a name and send it to him shortly

Look forward to your feedback,


Hi @reeflings
Alberto suggested CORAL as the name of the societé simple. I don’t think we need a separate meeting for that, could you just let me know on this thread your ideas or whether you would be ok with this name.


I :heart: = I agree

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Great name!

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Hi @reeflings
We can’t use “Coral” as a name for our société simple as this name already exists. A company in Antwerp :slight_smile: Any other suggestions?

Can it be any variation including the components “The” “Coral” “Reef” “Cohousing” and/or “BXL”?

Was there a reason that we couldn’t just use the Reef?


Hi @reef-finance Please see the link to the sociéte simple document from the notary. I asked whether we need to add the 3 new full members and i am sure he will say yes, so contacting them to get all necessary docs.