Notary's update Jet-14

Hi @reef-finance
An update from the notary.

  • He talked to and made a research on the owner of JET-14 and he seems to be “clean”. He says the owner is in the real estate business and calls him a traditional “marchand des biens immo”. Which also means that whenever he finds a buyer for this piece of land, he will sell it.
    The owner shared with the notary le titre de propriété concernant le terrain situé Chaussée de Jette 475 à 1090 JETTE - L’attestation du sol + étude du sol document.
  • The notary also said that the owner cut all the contacts with Matexi.
  • The notary asked to keep him posted on the outcomes of the meeting between the commune/region and the neighbor.

@reef-finance , would somebody know who is accountable for organising this? Is it us, the finance/legal team?

I think it is the architects and/or Caro

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