Notes from Community Call 31/5

Attended: Csengele, @Damiano , @Shajara , @WinniePoncelet , @albertorey  can you please add your notes and thoughts with what’s next for you? leave a comment?

Csengele: heard about OpenVillage from the Internet, isnt sure. Student at Waldorf school, “I don’t work in health field. In the last year I organized an int’l youth conference for graduates” – the topic was “how can we create a new world”? How can we see the system that we are now in, step out from highschools, and how to make a change?”

-How Banks are working and whats the difference with ethical banks;

-How can we build up communities? “I’m in a gap year”

Damiano: studied biotech in Rome, 3 main interests: Sharing Economy (FairBnb); Biotech and edu; Created this association called Net Innovation for a new inno lab – biohackerspace and broader;

-We will organize an event in Rural Hub in education near Salermo (Oui Share Summit 2 yrs ago there).

-Orthoponics in circular economy – does aquaponics and combines hydrocultivation with the waste from fish

-Filtered bubbles on Internet: doing a PhD;

-in general interested in creating connections

-SAVVY: new platform coop about healthcare – they won a grant they connect patients, orgs and researchers

Alberto: artist, videographer; uses stories and video installations to make complicated i.e. environmental issues more accessible to the public

Shajara: Student at an Argentinian based online uni;

-Installed solar power streetlights in Brazil

-Data science in free time

At OpenVillage

Alberto: We are often preaching to the converted and need to reach to the groups we work for. Try to use aesthetics to seduce the viewer who might not be interested in social issues – to look at the project as an asthetic work, so they can make their own decisions.

What outcomes? How communities learn?

-A few organisations that have done things and continue to be very effective.

-Alberto: other research project coming up as well, needs to know OV details to finalize travel plans. What support available?


-Discussion starting generally, and then what platform can become faircoop? PLATFORM AS A COMMON, community as a shareholder; hopefully it will be ready to launch!

-Where do we draw the line in what the event is about? It’s an edge event, but under the banners - Social care and healthcare, we need to signal for example 3 bigger topics

[discussion about what is care/ how openscience and education meet…]

Citizen science and education meet where the educational value of citizen science is taken into account. In the traditional sense, this educational value would be used as a justification for scientists to do citizen science: the masses may learn from participating in research, even if this is done in a menial way. Yet the reasoning should be the other way around: how do we make scientific education resemble citizen science? It promotes skills like creativity, problem-solving and civic mindedness. This connects to other educational reform initiatives that seek to promote the same values, as well as other soft skills.

Csengele: has seen educational events working with environment projects – participants working with water; trying to tell students that there is another option, how we shouldn’t stick to what we learn

Alberto: mentions flyfishing education inserted as an activity in an edu program in the US. Relevant for Damiano, Winnie, … can be shared for OpenVillage?

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Interesting 31/5 community call

I enjoyed today’s community call. There always seems to be a diverse range of conversations. I look forward to further discussions as we iron out possible themes related to education, community outreach, water, citizen science, etc. and a format to encourage interaction by participants.

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Signup to countonme list

How do we keep up to date and contribute from now until the Festival? A few helpful links I mentioned during the call :

  1. All the live updates, discussions and documentation about the festival organising happen here in a discusison group. This wiki is also assigned to the group.

  2. We are each spreading stories and Festival news to allow more people to find the sessions and connect with other participants. It’s a quick routine and it’s proven effective in doing network outreach. You can sign up here to get the updates: (cc @Gehan checking if you are receiving/sharing the updates?)

re: Damiano organising a roadmap

Hey @Damiano since you asked on email I figured I’d reply here:

Edgeryders organised pretty much every year since 2012 community gatherings called Living On The Edge (LOTE1, … LOTE5). Each lote had an overarching theme (youth transition, community stewardship, learning from failures…). This is supposedly LOTE6 with the health and social care banner. What makes it different is that it’s more a festival than a conference. Many people are tired of conferences, so the more hands on it goes, the better imho. How does it sound to you?

Lote4 is a favourite of mine so far:

For organisational details and to give you an idea, here are the minisites:

For LOTE4 | For LOTE5

In the “Join a Team” / or “Contribute” menu items if you scroll down the pages you can see that we had people joining organisational teams… do you think we should have an equivalent this year? So far participants get tickets when they complete tasks we post in this group, but I’d so welcome your help to structure this process some more. Actually we can organise the next community call just around this - effective open team work.

To answer your question, there is no one person “in charge” of promo or comms.

Some suggestions - if relevant, which theme?

Hi there,

Slowly able to get more engaged with the process. There’s still much I’m getting my head round.

The RSA is an innovative organisation (21st C enlightenment is their tag line). One of entrants in their Designing Our Futures - Student Design Awards that might be of interest here. A project titled Curve in response to the #HackOnWheels brief.

Also are Edgeryders/OpenCare community already linked in with Adaptive Design (assistive products/cardboard/cheap materials/open source design)? I think it started in New York but I understand there are initiatives here in Glasgow now too.


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I really like AdaptiveDesign because it’s ongoing - whereas the RSA awarded ideas in initial stage. For #HackOnWheels I think the WeMake crowd in Milano could tell us if there is someone interested in making a connection with an opensource indoor wheelchair for disabled?

@silviad.ambrosio @alessandro_contini some of your students or designers you met through OpenRampette? (a project to collaborate with Milano shop owners to increase accessibility through mobility ramps- not indoor though…).

Or @Gehan do you have a connection already with Adaptive Design or RSA?

fly fishing at OpenVillage?!

As I mentioned, we provide a three day conference here in the States called “Children in the Stream Conference” ( The conferences use fly fishing as the thread that links biology, physics, social studies, literature and art. We use fly fishing the activity to “hook” the children in the schools into going outside and introducing these topics in the classroom and in the field. The fly tying and related topics also nurtures a sense of environmental stewardship at a young  age while getting chidren off computers and providing alternatives ways to engage socially and with their environment (Last Child in the Woods - Overview - Richard Louv). Fly fishing has also been used to treat soldiers with PTSD. Here’s an interesting article: it has been also used for women recovering from breast cancer (

We could provide fly fishing and fly tying workshops at the OV conference while also discussing how to integrate it into curriculums and we could also have it sponsored by local fly shops in Brussels…it’s also a good way to do some outreach in the community which is always a good idea I think. (Michiels Fishing Center). There are a lot of possibilities for reaching out to fly fishing clubs also (

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Hm, an idea

@albertorey and @WinniePoncelet  : you two are of course more qualified to judge this: but I have a feeling this kind of OpenVillage activity could birthe more community collaboration around educational strand of opencare. Is there a way to organise a demo and a partnership during OpenVillage with a local school ?

If so, can you make the case in short for fly fishing as environmental stewardship? (the full story and argument…)

In this works, I would keep your other proposal, Alberto, but set it aside for now - the panel on advocacy for clean waters and do it if it gathers more experts around it… there is still time and anyway now we are full on promoting the opencare stories so far, so I expect new people and knowledge to join over the summer (by the way are you registered for #CountOnMe to share these stories?)

Demo & edu session

I think a demo session would be nice and can tie in with more educational content. Finding a school should be doable, if it’s on a Friday. Weekends can work as well, then you could involve an NGO working with underprivileged groups. Practically, what more would be needed for such a demo @albertorey ?

@NiekD will also share his personal take on education as care online soon. @Damiano also mentioned his interest in education and linking it with biohacking. When the discussion gets going, we can see how we shape a session (or several) from this.

Meanwhile I have been in contact with people on water quality, a response is on its way.

The tug is the drug!

I think it would be great to work with schools and underserved kids! Fly fishing is based on using flies that duplicate the insects and bait fish found in bodies of water. By understanding and looking at the fauna found in local streams and by discussing the fragility of that environment, student can make connections between their actions and how government and industrial actions affect their local bodies of water. It is important to make a connection between the students and their environment. This can be done by simply walking into a stream and turning over some rocks to see what is clinging to it.

fly casting and tying flies are other activities that can be done to connect to this. There is a Royal Casting Club in Brussels plus other organizations that could help us with these activities.

More activities is also possible to link to other schools through Zoom and Hangout.

More on fly fishing…

There are two streams in Brussels that might be a better stream to investigate than the Seine:Maalbeek,and Woluwe as well as several ponds.

There seems to be fishing opportunities in Brussels in Laeken: (… ) and outside of Brussels in Wallonia (…).

It might be good to partner with Michieles Fishing Center in Brussels and other organizations mentioned in for more specific assistance finding bodies if water to investigate including water quality and fly fish.