LOTE4: The Stewardship



Living On The Edge (#LOTE4) is a gathering of the Edgeryders community. The physical gathering took place on 23-26 October 2014 at the unMonastery, one of many projects to emerge from the community. We chose it because it is a spectacular place, and because is was very relevant to this years theme.

This group contains all the documentation from Lote4. Feel free to browse through the below (posts, wikis) or alternatively, check out the Blog for curated insights.

Edgeryders News Calendar - August to October 2014
Once upon a time, there was a botanical garden
Is the future of disaster response in hands of stewards of digital data, networks, platform?
What we have learned about building resilience of community powered projects and the people who drive them?
Life after LOTE4: We're dreaming of new unMonasteries, more Harmonious Hackathons
Fully unPacking Lote4: organisation, processes, key roles, budget and outcomes
Stewardship content for analysis: adding the numbers
The Stewardship: what have we learned about engaging the networks?
First impressions after the Assembl demonstration
Money, society and gaps – an introvert’s view: or reflections from the Edge of LOTE4
Fast forward through Community Calls: April - Dec 2015
Notes from Community Call 31/5