Notes from community call with testers on Feb 11th

This is an editable wiki, so feel free to add your own notes! If you don’t have a lot of time, just skip the first 3 paragraphs :slight_smile:

With @Dorotea, @Hazem, @emkosz, @Cataspanglish, @marcop who are interested in the Catalyst opportunity we delved into what it would entail and particularly get a feel of how collaboration in Edgeryders (ER) works.

We started with clarifying questions people had, like Marco’s. Having come across the unMonastery project in a workshop in Matera about the sharing economy, he wanted to know the connection between ER and unMonastery, and I walked him through it. In general we here are a bunch interested in the wild things that shape ambitious futures – from figuring out new ways to work, to building tech tools for more quality democratic participation, and to learning to grow our own food. It is very diverse, and makes for quite a smart group. By coming together our individual work becomes even more relevant, and we can find more easily resources to support it.

Now about Catalyst collaboration: it’s a small grant that the ER organisation got because there are these tools built in a EU funded project that need real people/communities to work with them. Both Edgesense and Assembl are applications that can be accessed online after some installation is done, and suited to visualize and respectively aggregate large scale discussions. Example: Edgesense is already installed, and it would be great if during this project the tester would examine in more detail the community evolution between July 2014 - Dec 2014, around “stewardship” conversations ahead and after our annual event Lote4:

While Edgesense serves to decribe massive conversations (both visually and via network metrics), Assembl supposedly makes it easier to summarize content in various stages of the discussions, helping communities co-produce new ideas. We will find someone in the dev team to walk us through it (perhaps @Alberto can suggest a name), yet it will require a little more time testing than Edgesense.  Even so, both are estimated as part time work.

How do we recruit for this project and in general? ER is constantly building community to create our own pool of talent, learn from each other, and know where to find key skills in the community when paid opportunities arrive.  It’s not about educational credentials, rather about peer support and thinking well into the future– we work distributedly, coordinate online using the platform for documenting the work and keep others in the loop, while leaving it open for anyone to get involved…  Some would argue we’re on our way to become expert collaborators, the best in the world.

For me, and some like Dorotea, it’s important that if there is room for collaboration (which tends to always be), we’d take that in a second rather than have people compete against each other. Think job sharing, or alternatively make a small investment of time to follow a project/conversation and offer your input. This is what can spiral afterwards into new projects. On the other hand, a gig might work out better if someone takes clear responsibility to deliver… so it’s a judgement call.

We decided to give it a couple more days for all of us to re-evaluate our preference, eg Marco applying was more like looking for a way to get involved with Edgeryders (I thought that was smart and sweet :)) Hazem mentioned a newfound preference for Assembl, even though he initially wanted Edgesense. Dorotea is willing to act as support to both. Ema, would be great to hear more from you!

Any thoughts after our conversation? Perhaps some things are unclear? The others who couldn’t make it to the call are most welcome too! Anyway, expect to hear back :wink:

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Sorry for not being able to join the call

Hello, I would like to excuse my absence from the call, there has been an electricity blackout, and internet access was down as well. I was able to find a decent cafe with internet only now.

Thank you for the summary. My position is a little bit like Marco’s, I would like to support what Edgeryders are doing and get a little more involved. I am not looking for the retribution, and I wouldn’t want to enter in competition with active Edgeryders. I could offer one hour per week, to test the tools ( I had a preference for Assembl, but could do both), and send my thoughts to the person that would be responsible of the reporting, to integrate them if they find it useful.

I believe that testing tools like Assembl need to simulate a little bit the crowd, and thus it’s better if there is not just one tester :slight_smile:

Please keep me posted. Kind regards,


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Edgesense main developer

… is @Luca_Mearelli.

no, I meant for Assembl

We need someone there to show us around and tell us how to set it up. Do you have an idea who that person would be?


Sorry for being totally absent! The whole family been struck down by the flu!

Hoping it’s not to late to get on board!

Anna Binnquist

i like the idea of sharing the jobs, although it will probably be tons of paperwork for those who do the bureaucracy. I’m available in fact quite a lot now, waiting for other important decisions, therefore I can take a bigger share of the task.


Hello @noemi,

Thanks for your post, it accurately captured last week’s discussion! Has there been an update on how you want to proceed?


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Indeed, time for updates

Hi everyone, it took longer than expected, but here’s my thinking:

I have offered the two positions to @Hazem and @Ruxandra, with a proposal to them to consider all the input from you all so far, and maybe share the work and compensation. If we have two people who take on the responsibility, it gives them full freedom to manage their roles as they see fit and keep the doors open for the rest.

I wanted to work with both (1) people whom we know are committed to community building and have a good track record on Edgeryders, like Hazem, but also (2) newer Edgeryders who are waiting for an opportunity to get involved for some time now, particularly Ruxandra.

Let’s stay in touch and see what these two are up to, thanks so much to all of you for taking the time…

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happy to share the gig

as @noemi mentioned, I am ready to test edgesense.

also would like to share tasks/gig with others to have a more lively discussion on these tools. ( would take the responsibility for the whole analysis )

Hello everyone

This is Ruxandra, I will be testing the Assembl tool. Thank you @Hazem for letting me test Assembl. I am happy to share the gig as well, after all this is about collaboration. I am waiting to install Assembl and then have a better idea on how it works, and I will then do a short presentation to the community and see how we can get organized.

I am really happy to be more involved in the Edgeryders community and this is a great start. Thank you @Nadia!

Bon chance

… only catching up now … 

Sounds good @Noemi - i hope the process goes well @hazem and @ruxandra - keep us updated on the process and results, will be great to generate some insight into how this tool works, and how it can be applied in practice.

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