Now hiring: two community-minded people to help test new tools for collective intelligence on Edgeryders

Edgeryders is among the community organisations that have won a small bid to test some of the tools developed in a bigger European funded project called CATALYST. These tools are a welcome aid to help communities better make sense of the conversations, and steer them in new, interesting directions that are not visible when looking at individual users and their contributions. Check out the project group we set up with more info about the gig and the tools we are testing: Edgesense and Assembl.

We’re looking for individuals with an interest in community management, data harvesting, summarizing and reporting, with a bit of time on their hands to help do a testing that involves:

  1. familiarize ourselves with the tools and deploy them on content: for example Lote4 preparations last year, Aug - Nov 2014
  2. co-host an online workshop introducing the tools and their practical applicability on community conversations
  3. write a "working out loud" post per tool with observations based on the testing process and especially results
  4. compile a short report to the client with key insights (I will do this)

As always, members of the Edgeryders community and other people “on the edge” are especially encouraged to apply.

Fee for running points 1-3 of the above:  800 EUR for Edgesense tester and 1000 EUR for Assembl tester, taxes included and paid upon delivery.

Matthias has begun installing Edgesense a while ago, we’ll be in touch with someone in the Assembl development team to get hold of the web application, and I will be involved in channeling all useful info your way, helping us familiarize with the project and expectations, and editing the final report. We’ll keep this short and sweet, and ideally we’ll be doing all of it over the next month altogether.

Let me know if you’re interested in a comment below, and why you are interested. Any impressions you have so far from checking the tools? The more extensive your input, the better I think to figure out if it suits you.

UPDATE February 25th: Hazem and Ruxandra (see below) will be coordinating the testing process. Get in touch with them if you want to be involved anyway and learn new tools!

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Assembl tester

Hi Noemi - I would be interested in testing Assembl.

As you know I am involved in the P2Pvalue project where we are working on providing a free/open source distributed software platform specifically designed to facilitate the creation of resilient and sustainable communities and supporting the contributors with systems of reward that allow value to flow back to the creators. We are already testing the platform prototype with real life communities so I already have a lot of experience “in the field” and I am particularly involved with the communities and their interaction with the platform.

I would be fascinated to do testing with Assembl too, maybe we can have a chat about it?



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That was quick, thanks :slight_smile: I’m following p2p value for sure, last time we spoke you guys were deep in the research phase.

Let’s just give it another day or two to give more people a chance to see the post and possibly express interest, then take it from there.


gotta be quick wink

Right up my alley!

Here you have me! A digital strategist, social local media manager and test manager who loves to do presentations.

So this is right up my alley and a combination of what I actually do daily!

Learning new applications, building my skills and passing the information on is something I find very rewarding.

I currently work with ios and Android testing and I also create content for social channels and respond on socials channels via different tools (amongst other Komfo)

I would love to introduce myself further and tell you a bit more about myself.

I’d like to help with that

seems like my kind of things,

will write more later

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Edgesense tester over here!


My name is Emma and I’m interested in testing Edgesense for you guys. I’v been working within IT since 2010 and have a bachelor degree in social science focusing on learning in digital and interactive media. Check out my linked in for more information:



I could also devote some time to test the Edgesense. I don’t know if you need anything more than you know about me already;)

Ring into hat, etc

My unfamiliarity with this type of stuff may help ensure the overall usability of the Edgesense in the long term! I work with communities in a much more analogue sense at the moment ( /, but would love to be engaged if needed! Ciao

interested + question about timeframe

am interested also. would like to dig deeper in the lote4 content…

but is there a time frame for such analysis…and when shall it start ?

I would prefer to test edgesense ( but could also help with assembl as far as it doesn’t need coding skills )

Welcome to the new folks!

Hi @Binnquist, @emkosz, @marcop, it’s great to meet you and welcome to Edgeryders!

I’m doing community management and my latest story is here. If you feel like letting other people here know more about yourselves, feel free to go to Arrivals group and upload a post about yourselves, where you are from and what draws you to the “edge” as some of us call our experience of working, participating, living in society outside the business-as -usual ways.

@Hazem I would like to start mid February and be over with it in a month’s time, of course that also depends on how fast we are putting together a team and what the availability on your end is.

Not Edgesense, nor Assebl need coding skills, we’d be using installed versions of both and work with community conversations metrics, in the case of Edgesense, and actual content, in the case of Assembl, which is why I estimated it would take more time than with the former.

I will be in touch as soon as possible - beginning of next week -with all of you, until then feel free to stick around here and explore the community, especially the newcomers :slight_smile:


time is good for me as am finishing this semester (most of it ) by 15-20 feb.

Assembl tester

Hi, I volunteer as well to test the Assembl platform. Not necessarily paid, but if you need to have a crowd of people that test the community conversation features, I can participate :slight_smile: Ruxandra


Thanks everyone folks, we look set to do a good job with so much enthusiasm!

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Hangout this Wednesday

Hi everyone,

I took the liberty to set up a google hangout for us all to meet and figure out how to move forward together… hope you can make it, invitation is on your emails, then we’ll also list it as a public event here on edgeryders.

is it on

@Noemi  r u having the hangout or is it over already as I can’t find anyone in the hangout.

Starts at 9 AM CET

Hey, nope not yet. It starts in half hour, see you then!

nice call :slight_smile:

it was a nice call

if you know me, you’ll probably guess that i’d like to explore possibilities of collaboration on this in one way or another …

it’s all experiments and learning of how we can work together in a collaborative way, so I don’t think we have the answers yet, it’s more about coming up with the questions

but we can think about the possibilities and mutual support

in how and why we work well together

i’m up for experimenting with both tools, sounds like fun

and can bring us closer to some understandings and insights about the community and how to make it even better