Now hiring: research coordinator wanted (call closed)

This position is now closed.

One of the things we do at Edgeryders is research. Since the very early days, we did things like investigate novel features of contemporary societies, develop software to represent our online community as a social network in real time, attended conferences and produced papers. We do this in part because we are passionate about learning and knowledge; and in part out of necessity. We are into building a better future, and are not afraid to challenge established ways in order to do so: but the future will not be built on courage alone. It needs knowledge, and rigour.

Research has worked well for Edgeryders. It has allowed us, consistently, to generate and follow “out there” hunches – and some of these hunches have become permanent features of our lives as a community and a social enterprise. Our original ethnography on the transition of youth during the crisis led to the unMonastery; investigating community response to health and social care needs generated The Reef, where I now live: reflecting on the dynamics of radicalisation in the Southern Mediterranean led us to the nascent Open Village network. All of these were at the same time research results, prototypes, and waypoints on a profoundly meaningful journey for many of us.

As we get better at aggregating the ideas, skills and knowledge of the Edgeryders community – now 4,000 strong and counting – we believe can break new ground in several fields, and at a higher scale than that of today.

Time to up our game. I am proud to announce that we have decided to set up a new business unit within Edgeryders dedicated to research. As everything else in Edgeryders, it will be a network, not a box in an org chart. We want to start it by hiring a part-time research coordinator. If you want to be part of a thriving, radical, constructive community on a journey to a better society, consider applying.

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