Now hiring: Webinar Producer

This is a call for a person who can produce a series of webinars which are co-created by members of the community. As well as run great communication campaigns to help us ensure that they reach and engage their intended audience(s). This will include refining the concepts of the calls, finding and reaching out to speakers,shaping the presentation etc. But the priority is on getting it done well and on time.

The person taking on this role would be supported by a team of experienced community managers, a tech crew (front end dev and some backend) as well as the people managing the various activities. They would have access to a budget to engage freelance communication professionals such as copywriters, graphic designers etc.

The background to this work is that there are different teams running different activities of which the webinars are a part. Each has its own thematic focus and set of objectives. What they all have in common is that they are aimed at improving our ability to collectively respond to the ongoing pandemic crises, as well as to future ones.


  • Themes are set by the Edgeryders community managers (see below)
  • Webinar topics are proposed in a wiki: Webinar & Community Call Schedule: Proposals/Wishlist
  • Only ones that have a crew willing to do a significant part of the work are then picked up and developed, then promoted.

Themes and topics*

There are two main questions that we are looking to answer

  • What policies in EU are needed to support the evolution of technology so that it contributes towards healthy societies everywhere?
  • How do we build constructive, inclusive political movements that effectively advocate for the wellbeing of all humans + the ecological systems that support us?

The topics that we are especially interested in exploring:

  • Health care (matched to Covid19)
  • Work/ Labour
  • Acts of Kindness and Solidarity
  • Mental Health
  • Migration
  • Resilience and wellbeing (focus on climate & ecology)

The larger overarching themes that will frame our enquiries are:

  • Learning from the Past, Taking Notes for the Future: What are we learning from this crisis that informs how we’re thinking about responding to other crises, like global climate change?
  • Work/Labour: How has our work been affected and how have our day to day lives changed? What tools or practices have we used to cope? How can we collaboratively create new income opportunities?
  • Acts of Kindness and Solidarity : What do we need to do to help each other get through?
  • Mental Health and Surviving Boredom: What are we doing to cope with our social day-to-day lives …boredom …anxiety?
  • Digital Communication: What has changed under social distancing? What tools have we used to stay in touch, and how has it felt to use them — how have our relationships changed or been mediated differently?
  • Technology before and after What technologies are were talking about now vs a month ago? What do we now relate to topics like " innovation" or new technologies like artificial intelligence? What hopes or doubts do we have about their potential? What fears do we have?

Production responsibilities

  • Set up a shared webinars calendar including all the agreed on topics for the upcoming two months. Changes can be operated depending on new developments.
  • Produce text and visual communication 3 weeks in advance for each webinar. This includes calls for participation, digital flyers featuring the speakers and topics, and related topic materials.
  • Create a registration funnel / page for each webinar
  • Ensure there is a shared mailing list with all particpants
  • Launch email campaigns and send reminders ahead of each webinar
  • Optional: facilitate the webinar sessions
  • Provide documentation with highlights from the session on
  • Launch email campaign to follow up on each session and deepen the conversation and documentation.


The person will be hired as a service provider contract and engaged for six months, from April to September 2020, for an estimate of 1-2 days a week, for an estimate of 2-3 webinars per month.
A mid term evaluation will take place after the first three months.

Remuneration will be agreed on based on mutually convened deliverables at the contract negotiation phase following this call. The reason for this is that we are aware of different skill levels, hourly rate and time constraints that candidates might have, and wish to be able to accommodate that.

How to apply

Email with “Web producer” in subject header.

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could we have an overview post where all the hiring posts are linked? Or tagg all of them with #edge-hiring for example?

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That would work for me - we just need to make a note to us and community - that’s where you can find ongoing hiring calls:

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