This week on Wellbeing: pick something you like!

Happy Easter to all those celebrating!
This is a summary to make it easier for you to join ongoing conversations in Edgeryders. Here’s what’s happening:


  • Coping with loss of work series: Matteo, game designer and teacher, wrote his Postcard from Baltimore and says: “I prefer to take a lateral step (not back, but on the side), and focus on writing, building physical stuff, take a pause from the design “urge””


  • If you were to choose a most interesting webinar topic which directly responds to your curiosity and needs at the moment, which topic would it be? Who would be speaking? We have an open list of proposals, vote or add your own here.


  • We are looking for a webinar producer - if this is something you are interested in doing for a few months, step forward! Apply by leaving a comment with your interest and skills here.


  • We have a new team member in the POPREBEL project! Daniel @hires joins us from Barcelona as a community manager and his portofolio includes the wonderful Silent Climate Parade in Berlin from a few years back. Daniel will be organising discussions and events with people from the former East German bloc to better understand what political changes and movements are growing there. Say hello and compare notes here!


  • Coping with loss of work - our community call happens every Tuesday at 12:00 Brussels time. We will be hosting this week as usual, even during Easter because most of us are at home. If you are not registered yet, go here to get your Zoom link:

And finally, for all of us working remotely in these weeks, there’s news about a lot of security breaches in Zoom leading to private data infringement and ‘zoombombing’, among others. We are setting up our own alternatives at Edgeryders with self-hosted live rooms such as (work in progress). But meanwhile, tread with caution! @johncoate shared this useful articles for quick things you can do if you’re using Zoom for your communication. Stay safe everyone <3