Oak Tree Projects

Meeting with Oak Tree Projects 24/04/23

  • Choice of residents: no “marketing”, word of mouth

  • Experience: good to have a mix of vulnerabilities

  • Oak tree has 1,6 social workers who accompany the residents and also mediate between their tenants and the rest of the group

  • Studios of 20-40 m² (also depending on legal requirements (minimum surface)) – total of around 200m² with 5-6 units

  • Rent comparable to market price (500-600 euro plus around 80 euro charges)

  • Energy score of under 30

  • Oak Tree usually attends the yearly GA (but appreciates receiving the minutes of the monthly meetings, without necessarily participating)

  • Start off with 1-year-contract (can be not renewed in case of issues)

Meet again in 2-3 weeks to learn more about us and ask more questions

Second meeting 24/05/23

  • Oaktree is actively looking for new projects, would like to get involved in The Reef :blush:
  • For now only projects in Flanders but Bxl should not be a problem as target group has been expanded (not just people with (Flemish) government support)
  • Language barrier to consider (when choosing tenants)
  • Flexible architecture so that say 6 studios could still be transformed into three apartments (to be discussed with architects)
  • Finance: Money lost on previous projects, so investment only once permit has been given but she will rediscuss with investor
  • Once a site has been found, easier to defend and estimate costs
  • Scouting: investor might be able to help (for a fee) if we don’t find a site on our own
  • Open deur daag – Kortenberg – 10th of June, morning (10-12 am): Oak Tree Projects | Infosessies
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