One spot to Lote4 sponsored by UNDP Armenia

So it seems like the collaboration between Edgeryders and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is moving on great grounds, and continues after the Spot the Future project we did earlier this year, working with teams in Georgia, Armenia and Egypt.

Thanks to @George and his team who responded to our invitation, their office is able to cover the travel costs of one Armenian national joining at #lote4, and a small amount for expenses.  

Interested? Here’s what we hoping for:

  • tell us in a comment here you would like to come and what you are willing to contribute with: example: telling the story of a community project in your city that involves stewarding a physical/digital asset, post about \#lote4 on social media, document a session at the event
  • consider proposing a session on your own - our conference agenda is quite informal and built by those attending, so no need to shy away. 
  • commit to give a presentation about your Lote4 experience to UNDP Armenia when you return from Matera

To learn more about Living on the Edge: The Stewardship please check the minisite we have set up.

This all needs to happen very quickly as the UNDP team need someone to count on, so hurry up Futurespotters! Looking forward to hear from you.

So, I am the first one to comment here :slight_smile:

I would like to be at Lote4 because community stewardship is something that I am very curious about right now.

In the conference I could tell an ongoing project of me and 2 friends: Utopianlab. I can tell how and why we started this project, what have been the challenges, what we are building ans what do we envisage for the future.

I will also be active on social media during the conference, and maybe we can also set up livestream during some of the sessions. Finally I could also write a blogpost about Lote4, in addition to holding a presentation.

Stewardship based mom-community in Armenia

Hi and thanks for this chance to finally get engaged here. What I’m telling now is not actually something I do for the chance to win the grant, because it’s the everyday job and an ongoing vision of mine. It all started as a social enterprise having become one of the winners of #KolbaLabs ( and now the idea goes dipper and dipper to peel all the possible layers of the bigger picture.

My idea is to unite a community based not only on interests or needs but first of all on the social role - being a mom. As I mentioned in my presentation at the Edgeryders event n Yerevan, yes, it’s a kind of MomMonastry referring to the wonderful example of unMonastry. It is now starting in Armenia but I have the vision to spread the model beyond borders via virtual tools. I’m ready to talk about it and also will be happy to see some support in the audience; we could start the global community and actions with some volunteers from #Lote4 :slight_smile: By the time of the event, the first steps in form of actions will be on the go, so even if I don’t get into the ship of participants, I’ll be following online and will be more active on the net.

Some more details can be found in the Edgeryders video made several months ago, though more developed and defined now -

Btw, I’m also interested in open source software and open data, just for you to know :slight_smile:

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Thanks you two!

Seda, Gratian, read and noted, and it helps that you are both doing actual work on the ground which will help add to the reflections on community stewarding- ways for people to come together to take active roles and become agents of change and care.

I’m emailing both to agree on logistic details and see what the options are for so you can both join…!