One ticket and travel support to participate in Techfestival in Copenhagen, !

We have a free ticket to give away to

Date: 5/9-7/9 (this week).

10 years after the last edition of Reboot festival closed doors, the organisers launched a new one with what looks like a worthy successor:

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, the driver behind the initiative, has kindly offered me a free ticket to this year’s edition. I am personally indebted to for the impact Rebook has had in shaping my own approach to thinking about/around tech and society. And would love to pass it forward to someone who wants to go.

So we are giving away the ticket with some travel support (up to 200 Eur) in exchange for a post on the platform to share what you learn with people who cannot participate in person.

Like Yannick did for re:Publica: RE:PUBLICA - What I learned about Cities as open systems, political memes, makerplaces and migration due to loss of habitat

Let us know if you want to claim it via either a comment below or a PM to me.

The ticket gets you entry to the event. It also enables you to:

  • Access all public events, talks, and exhibitions in the outdoor Festival Area
  • Access the Friday Party at H15 in the Meatpacking District
  • Get discounts on food and beverages at selected bars and restaurants.

Ping @ton @bruces @rmchase @howard_rheingold @zelf


I will attend Techfestival this week, and have ticket/invitation to the CPH150. Would be happy to meet up with other ER’s in attendance. Will arrive in CPH tomorrow evening.


I wish I could join! But I am traveling to yerevan for a story with @iriedawta

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I just booked accommodations, arrive on thursday and will be staying in Vesterbro. PM you my mobile so we can coordinate easily <3

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I live in Copenhagen and will participate in Techfestival as well. Would love to meet you and hear more about how you’re involved with Edgeryders.


hey! would love to. PM me your signal/telegram/phone nr so we can coordinate?

@nadia If there’s still a ticket available I would love to come as well! I’d be traveling from Aarhus to go :slight_smile:

Had to make sure my schedule was free before saying anything. Let me know :sparkles:


Yep, you can have it - Moving to DM for details

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It turns out that I can use the same code to secure several tickets. So if anyone still wants to go and doesnt have a ticket you can ping me.

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was great meeting your @zelf and @mehow :slightly_smiling_face:

I have put together some notes from two sessions here and will be posting a general reflection in the coming days - would be good to hear your own thoughts/learnings:

Also- I asked Alberto to share some reflections/experiences from having explored impact assessment when it comes to ecological issues: On assessing impact, and what Edgeryders could do in that department - #7 by matthias

These are realted to the ongoing discussion around deep green and tech (and the festival session that is coming out of it)