Ongoing facilitation training

Hi everyone!

The Reef needs more facilitators, ideally ones who are well-trained and who are increasing their experience of managing team meetings and plenaries. A healthy sociocratic organisation has many people interchanging in this role, developing the techniques that increase efficiency, inclusivity and ownership.

For those who have completed the 3 x 2-hour Sociocracy Facilitation Training course, the next available course begins in May. It is 5 x 2 hours, and the prerequisite is that participants have done a previous course or have experience of facilitating in sociocratic groups. Here’s the link:

It costs $120 per person, and this money can be recovered from the Reef’s budget by full members, or anyone who subsequently becomes a full member. There is also a 30% discount if 3 or more of us take the course, and I have the code for that, which I will share by private message with anyone who is interested.

So! If you have completed the 3 x 2-hour course, and perhaps you have been facilitating your team meetings, this is an opportunity to progress. If you haven’t completed the 3 x 2-hour course, but you would like to, we have it available until 3 June, so there is still time. It is best done with a group, even a small one. Here is the thread to connect with others and make this happen:

Finally, even if you do not want to take on the roll of facilitator, it would be very much appreciated if every member of the Reef would take the time to log in to this first 3 x 2-hour course and view all of the instructional clips. This won’t take more than 25 minutes, as much of the course is practical group work. By watching the clips you will get more of an idea about how consenting to proposals etc. works, and be clearer about the sort of problems that sometimes need to be navigated. The more people that have a good grounding in the basics of sociocratic meetings, the more productive and inclusive ours will be. Let me know if you are interested, and I will create a log in for you…



Could you share the credentials to this in a private message to the group? Thanks!

There’s only 10 log ins available at any one time, and I will have to rotate it. So if anyone wants to look through the clips, I’ll sign them up and they will receive an email with the details. @Sarah, this has now been done for you…

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