Open Insulin meeting + drinks June 21st

Hi all, I propose to meet each other at Geuzenhuis at 8pm this Wednesday the 21st for the open insulin meeting. We might as well combine the get together with a drink. Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

Science was discussed

And drinks were had. Only short updates as not much happened in the last two weeks. We further planned the trip to Amsterdam for the biohackathon and discussed general things.

  • We can use the leftover iGem funds for buying consumables. This will get us going with the plasimids that are set to arrive soon
  • We have access to a Biosafety Level 2 lab in Ghent, yay!

We also asked ourselves: what is the legislation around genetic engineering in open sea? Could it be unregulated? A first short search on the internet did not deliver any results…