Open Insulin meeting July 5th

Hi all,

some info for the meeting tomorrow. @ritavht has received the plasmid samples (they’re in her freezer!) + we got the vector maps and @flinty did work on the protocols. We’ll make an experiment planning to set the lab work in motion.

Hope to see you there!

8pm @ Timelab

Forgot to add!

@WinniePoncelet : can’t make it, but I will see you in Amsterdam Friday =)

Notes July 5th

Notes from yesterday:

  • Are we going to make our own competent cells of buy them? Usually the quality of the cells is higher when you buy them.  We didn’t get much DNA, so it might be best to buy competent cells. The protocol to make them would take +-2 days. We’ll check with the lab if we can do that: timing for using lab, if we can use & buy materials from them, when we meet first time.
  • Winnie will find out the concentration of the plasmids, so we know how much to use.
  • We’ll consider the transformation and first production with these plasmids as an orientation phase, and then move on to working with yeast. Legally, for injecting the medicine, it cannot be produced by a bacteria.
  • This means we’ll look specifically for expertise on protein expression in yeast and industrial biotechnology to develop a new construct and protocol.
  • Let’s take some pictures of the lab work we’ll do from now on for getting the communication going when we’ve confirmed the plasmids work and have produced some proinsulin.

And news about the lab

We’re visiting the lab where we can do the work on the 2nd of August at 7pm (the professor is on holiday til then).

Who’s up for joining?

Lab visit

Count me in!