Open Village Festival: Open care and ArtSci

My name is María Boto and I’m from Spain. My interest in this festival comes from several sides.
As “a person on the move” one of the things that I have to deal in terms of care are national health systems. For the last few years I’ve been living in several countries, and one of the things that change in each country is this. I’ve been in a free and universal system, I’ve paid for a private insurance and I’ve copaid medical services. Of course, I feel lucky to be able to join them in a more or less easy way, but at the same time, it makes me conscious of the difficulties of having a proper care when you are out of the system, and the existing alternatives.

Moreover, for the last few years, I’ve been in contact with the biohacking and DIYbio movement. It came first as an interest in scientific communication that evolved after learning about projects as the one developed by @pin (Gynepunk). In this project, there aren’t boundaries among art, science, care, activism, biohacking, bioethics… and more and more questions show up while they are working on it. Somehow connected to this last part is my actual work in the art academy KASK running a biolab to promote this kind of reflections by offering access to basic scientific equipment and knowledge to art students.


Hey Maria! Pleasure to read you here. I understand the main theme of the lab at KASK is colour. Do you see this expanding into care at some point?

Hi @mboto sorry we didnt get the chance to speak more at the festival - I wanted to ask you how you are managing health insurance in Belgium? I also recently moved and live here temporarily, so I am wondering if it’s worth going with the EU health card or do you need something more advanced to be on the safe side?
Thanks, and if you’re in Brussels often come to the house (Edgeryders The Reef) <3

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Hi @noemi ! As I’m working here, I’m part of a mutualiteit and I also have a privet insurance to cover expenses in case I need hospitalization. If you are temporarily living here, and you aren’t registered in the city, I don’t think you need something else that a valid EU health card :slight_smile:
Still, if you want to know more about it, your country consulate/ embassy should help you with this kind of paperwork.

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Yes, you are right, the main topic is colour. About care… if you are talking about environmental care, part of the project looks for ways of cleaning the colour waste and natural alternatives to the synthetic pigments.
About personal care and colour…for now I didn’t consider it.