OpenCare Community Call: the Year 1 Big Picture Issue

OpenCare is moving fast. We are meeting with a lot of interest and finding new and prestigious partners, like CERN, UDK and Re:Publica. This is good, but there is a risk that the project will lose coherence as we lose sight of each other to focus on our day-by-day.

@melancon and I propose we have a slightly more structured community call (could be longer than the usual hour too). We need to discuss at least the following:

  1. Completing the big picture for year 1. Which activities are still missing? Alberto to do a tentative writeup (ready before the call), please leave a comment here to flag any activity I might have forgotten. 
  2. Planning the Stockholm meeting. I know @Lakomaa has done some work on the consortium meeting, and @Nadia has been working on a public-facing activity involving medical professionals. 
  3. Where are we with the consent funnel? We are plunged into activities, but the consent funnel is not up (see here). @markomanka to report.
  4. The Open Competition is supposed to be launched at month 6. @markomanka to report.,
  5. Milano partners reported some difficulties in onboarding people. How can we all help? 
  6. Community management activities: there are several new people in the communites, and about 30 challenge responses. I suggest the next step is to focus on getting them to interact more and validate more each other. (@Noemi).
  7. Reaching out to like-minded initiatives (Nadia has found many). How to best do it?
  8. Repositories and communication efforts. How to maximize efficiency?

Please use the comments to add (or remove) items to this agenda.

I would insist all people mentioned above participate, as well as representatives from WeMake ( @Costantino , ideally, plus whoever he wants to involve) and the City of Milano ( @Rossana_Torri  or @Luciascopelliti or both). I think we would all be re-energized by gaining a better awareness of the big picture. The project is coming along bigger and better than what you might think!

We have decided to move the community calls on Mondays at the request of Luce and Zoe. However, next monday is a bank holiday in Italy. Where do you guys stand on this? Is it still OK for the Italians? Do you want to move it?

For this call , we will try this link: (thanks to @eirinimal for the tip). Let’s be ready with Big G if that does not work!

Date: 2016-04-28 10:00:00 - 2016-04-28 10:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.


25 Aprile

25th of April we celebrate the Liberation Day in Italy :slight_smile:

We propose to postpone the call to the days immediately following…

As we would like to to attend both (Lucia and Rossana), we propose to move at 26th (morning); 28th (morning) or 29th at the usual time (16:30)…

Anyway, whatever the date we’ll decide together, someone from the City of Milan will be there…

UBx - Preferred schedule for next community call

Not possible for me on Tuesday April 26

Optimal on Thursday April 28 in the morning

I prefer to avoid Friday April 29 afternoon

April 28th it is

10.00 am. Let it be written in stone. Guys, try to make time. We’ll then revert to the Monday afternoon routine.

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I’m in

Thanks for setting it up.

I recommend we put aside at least 2 hours to go through all this, instead of the usual 1 hour call.

Yes, two full hours

10am - noon

Looking at recent posts, we need to reconvene, let the “big picture” emerge and consolidate efforts being made by each partner.

Please always be specific on the timezone

10am CET?

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Indeed, it’s CET. If you have configured correctly your user preferences (it’s the Time Zone option here: => Edit Account), the time shown on your screen corresponds to your local time.

Time shows up wrong on my screen

My time zones are configured for EEST and in my case I should see 11 instead of 10, yet I see 9 AM!

Better to put the time in the title of the event, until the issue gets solved (filed it here).