OpenCare kick-off meeting docs

@melancon / @Alberto / @Nadia /@Noemi / @markomanka / @Lakomaa / @Costantino /@zoescope / @Rossana_Torri / @Luciascopelliti / @OlgaIvanovaUB

Hi everyone,

Check this post and comments for updates on resources and other collaborative docs:

.pdf version of the UBx presentation

+EU logos (.zip file) to promote Opencare

Everything will be stored in the GDocs, section OpenCare Admin.


More docs available

Hi @melancon / @Alberto / @Nadia /@Noemi / @markomanka / @Lakomaa / @Costantino /@zoescope / @Rossana_Torri

Hope you are all well, it was great to get to meet you !

FYI - more documents are available in the OpenCare Admin section :

PDF version of the GA (just in case)

  • Annotated Model of the GA (for administrative & financial help)

  • Data Management Plan - Template as provided by the European Commission

  • OpenCare gantt chart (also just in case)

More docs and homework to come, stay tuned.