OpenEthnographer: doing online ethnography with Edgeryders

Ethnographers typically work on non-situated data. For example, to do an ethnography from Edgeryders, they would copy the relevant posts and comments onto text files, and work on those files. But this is not good stewardship, because the extra work the ethnographer does (adding tags etc.) does not live on in the website database; also, it does not communicate with other data concerning that content (for example, information about the author that might be taken from the user profile).

In the Spot The Future project, I did ethnographic analysis directly on the Edgeryders website, using a prototype software developed by @Matthias and called OpenEthnographer. There are now plans to develop this further. In this session, we demonstrate how to work with OpenEthnographer, discuss how to turn it into a more complete ethnographic software, and what kind or research we will be able to do once it’s done.

Date: 2014-10-24 09:30:00 - 2014-10-24 09:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

we have a free slot Friday morning, let me know if that would work;)

What time? I am flying to Bari on Thursday evening, so it depends if I will be able to get to Matera the same night, or will have to spend a night in Bari.

Not sure :frowning:

The last direct bus from Bari airport to Matera is at 19.15, so too early for you. I see there is a late train from Bari (23.30); it takes 1h30, so you’ll be in town at 1.00 am. I recommend you get in touch with your hotel and arrange for them to give you access to your room even late at night. It will make your experience much better. The website of the provincial railway:

Last trains from Bari to Matera

The  last trains departing to Matera are leaving Bari Centrale at 18:16; 19:25 or 22:00. The journey takes about 1,5h.

It’s a private railway and the track is on the first floor and you’ll have to Mount either on stairs or on ecalators that you will find on the left side of the Station.

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Thanks! My flight comes in at 9.15 pm, so I hope that I could get that 23.30 train for sure. I will write the hotel. Also, do I need to book this train ticket in advance or can I buy it on the spot?

you buy it from the machine at the station, 4,80 one way.

OpenAnth Ning

this might also be a useful resource for info/insp.