The Rockefeller Foundation to support Edgeryders in building an ethnography of stewardship

A few months ago, the Rockefeller Foundation contacted us and asked us to consider working with them to get Edgeryders to the next stage (apparently one of their senior management had heard @Nadia’s keynote at All Africa Future Forum and was impressed enough to ask his/her staff to get in touch with us). Their argument is that we are doing good work, but if we had a more robust structure we could aspire to do much more, and greatly enhance our impact.

To test this new collaboration, we decided that we would accept a small grant (50,000 dollars) to do two things:

  1. Develop OpenEthnographer, Edgeryders's own online ethnography tool, into its next phase (right now it is only a rough prototype).
  2. Use it to run an ethnography of stewardship, based on the veritable avalanche of case studies collected during the preparation of Living On The Edge 4, our annual community meetup for 2014, starting later this week.

Software development will be led by @Matthias; @Inga_Popovaite is in charge of the ethnography. If you want to be involved, ideally participate in their session at LOTE4; if you are not in Matera, share your stewardship story in the Stewardship Case Studies project or contact Inga through her Edgeryders profile page.


between this and matera2019, you’re really packing in the good news for LOTE. Congratulations!

Good luck! Will follow this closely!