Opening the rampette as vivid design in Milan

A meeting was held this week at La Stecca, a social hub in Milan, to facilitate users to fill the form for the enhancement of accessibility of the shops by their owners.

By contrast, the place is shaded by the high buildings of the Vertical forest in the modern, stilish and accessible open area of Piazza Gae Aulenti.

The designers of WeMake staff could present the state of the art of the project and “how” and “why” openrampette was being developed in such peculiar ways.

To cover all the aspects and to design meeting presentations and activities almost a dozen of people were involved daily for months. I could follow on site and online the openrampette growing design. Activity has been so intense that were scheduled daily online meetings called “openrampette stand up”at 10 am on Stack instant messagging.

Participants and designers had the occasion to meet, discuss and share visions for the future of accessibility in Milan. So many ideas and opinions about what looks like a cold bureaucratic and standard issue. Different people have different needs, situations and values, but “opening the “rampette” issue could bring so much curiosity and interest from different sides. A so called “boundary object” in the terms of openrampette as matter of discussion and negotiation enough structured and selfsustaining, but at the same time a concept accessibile and by a possibile informatic metaphor “patchable”.

It is a good add to the hypothesis on how is being taken action to change the concept of care into a daily and shared practice, i.e. how by the transmogrifying of morbid living care becomes a social issue and play. The closed world of social and healthcare services accessible only as individual citizens and patients is seen here in a different way. In the case of openrampette, the normative and reverse salients sides become useful tools to test the possibile changes to access shops in Milan.

Design and/as dialogue was enacted between people and designers by the support of this online form

It was an occasion to discuss not only the issue about openrampette, but to know better each other, to take contact and to spend 3 hours in a different and vivid way.