Openrampette full update at Consortium Meeting in Bordeaux

Yesterday, during the Opencare Consortium meeting in Bordeaux, Costantino from WeMake presented and answered questions about openrampette (here all the project in italian and the gitgub repository).

I have been following the design, the meetings, the long discussions among designers and the public for a while. All the project is being put into delivery step by step, part by part with a lot of expertise, will for experimenting and considering all possible ways…

So, here is the full video i shot from the presentation, with a intro about the simulation of fire evacuation we had to take part the day before, as guests in the Bordeaux University.

The presentation was very articulated and explaining from different points of view the steps, salients and elements that constitute the caleidoscopic design of such a challenging and useful project. In short, the project aims to redefine the roles of citizens (especially shop owners and customers on wheelchairs) in finding solutions for accessability of shops. It’s technology, but also dialogue, design, but also awarenes, standards and overall people taking collective decisions. The role of the Municipality of Milan in the project is fundamental in making all this possible.