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Hey guys, sorry @alex_levene and Anique, I am juggling three big things at the same time.
I will be around 3 PM around Flagey and go shopping for the stuff. I will give Anique a call during the shopping so she feels assured :slight_smile: Also, we have no news from @michael_dunn about the truffles, right? I would love to buy for a dessert as well if I knew what we do (otherwise, maybe the mousse?)

So I see Alex in a short while and hear Anique as well.

About the equipment, I talked with the chef who will cook for us tomorrow and who uses the space frequently and he says there is everything we need. So no worries :slight_smile: we will also talk to him during his preparation for the lunch and if something is missing, I will get it.

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@natalia_skoczylas No worries at all lovely and this sounds great. As for the dessert, I could make some raw vegan cookies easily but the ingredients may be a little pricey. See how you feel when you’re there but

Ingredients for 70 would be:

1.8kgs shredded coconut
850ml tahini (sesame seed butter)
850ml maple syrup (or agave nectar or honey if not vegan)
850ml coconut oil (
1 sml bottle pure vanilla extract

  • we’ll need some salt for all the dishes anyway

(Have also put these in the checklist).

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I forgot to update the spreadsheet with the ingredients for this recipe. I have done now (see updated sheet), so I will need to find time tomorrow to go out and buy the missing stuff for this dish. Sorry, my mistake

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We will arrive to Brussels today, around 3pm and we come directly to join you. Looking forward to meet you all in person :sunflower::hot_pepper::sparkles:

Hi all. My sincerest apologies for being a bit quiet. I’ve just been in an induction and in meetings since Monday until last night 10:30 pm. I’m on a train on route to Brussels as I type this. Cant wait to meet you all and put some juicy train soaker elbow juice into cooking!!! Sounds disgusting by my intention is good.