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Hello, dear chefs!

So, this will be now our space to discuss the details of our mission on the festival.

Once again, I might have gotten it wrong, but I will split us into two groups depending on when we can help - if there is a mistake, let me know.

Day 1 - we cook in La Serre the dinner for around 70 people. We have a great kitchen and quite a lot of equipment (if something will be missing I will get it for us from the Reef). Now, we need a menu - it will be vegan or vegetarian, so we don’t have to think of many different meals. I agree with Alex, one hot meal and 2 cold ones should be perfect.

We meet on the community call on the 11 of October at 7 PM Brussels time to discuss the menu. You can join in already at 6 PM if you have time - this is when we discuss other matters related to the festival.

@alex_levene @anique.vered @mboto @SyMorin @natalia_skoczylas @nabeel_p @mcverter
@michael_dunn - for the dessert

Day 2 - 3-5 volunteers will help Up Cooking, great team of local chefs preparing meals from surplus/waste food. It will be in La Serre (while most of the even that day will happen in Au Quai).

@liz_biospherex @DeniseJabbour @woodbinehealth (Eta) @bilal

in this spreadsheet, we make a list of ingredients we need to buy.


This sounds great. Looking forward to the chat and meeting you all while chop chop chopping!

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Ok! Let’s talk tomorrow!

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looks good!

Good morning Natalia,

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the call tonight but would love to
be part of the catering team and cook a warm vegetarian/vegan meal on the
20th for lunch.
I will be preparing a dish called ‘Addass bel Hamoud’, like a filling
lentil soup and I will be needing the following ingredients for it:
-Swiss chard
-salt and pepper

I can also prepare roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary.
Please let me know if this is good for you and if there will be someone to
help me cater for 70 people.

Lots of sunshine from Beirut,


Denise, as I wrote above, on the 20th we are only helping cooks who have their own menu. So there is space for up to 5 people to join and help, but we don;t add to their ideas (I wish I could try those dishes though…)

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Ah, ok. And for the 21st?

Everyone is responsible for their own food - so we don’t have to worry. There is no kitchen in the second venue, but there are many nice places to eat out nearby.

So Day 1 dinner:
‘Addass bel Hamoud’
Cous cous salad
Shakshouka and hummous

@alex_levene and I will share ingredients for the second two and proposed amounts for the Addas in the next couple of days

All to think about the equipment we need toooo yum yum

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Denise your recipe sounds delicious
We’d really like to cook it on the first night alongside a couple of other dishes.
Would you be able to send me a message with a short cooking recipe and the amount of ingredients you would need to cook for 7-8 people. I’ll then scale it up for the event.
If you are free on the afternoon of Day 1 to join us i’d be happy to share the kitchen with you to prepare this dish


As you come up with ingredients list add them to Natalia’s checklist

For things like spices and non-fresh herbs its worth thinking about what we can share between dishes. E.g. a large pack of cumin will easily do all the dishes, rather than buying three small packs.

I’m happy to do a consolidation on this once we have full recipe lists


Hello Alex,
To serve 7-9 people, we need the following please:
3 cups brown lentils
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 big bunch of Swiss chard
2 onions
4 big potatoes
5 cloves of garlic
4 lemon
Salt and pepper

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Once we wash the ingredients, It will be very easy to prepare:
You put the olive oil, add to it the crushed garlic, plus diced onion, stir a bit until they become golden color.
You add to it the lentil, diced potatoes, Swiss chard, and cover it all with water (6-8 cups), plus salt and pepper.
You put on low fire and cook until the lentils are soft and tender, then you add to it the lemon juice and boil for 5 min.
Once done, you add the remaining olive oil and turn off the fire

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It’s very easy to make and extremely tasty and healthy. Hope we will have time to work on it together

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This is great, thanks Denise. Plenty to get started with.

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Ok so here’s what I’ve come up with for the Shakshuka. I figured making it for 40 people seems about right, seeing as there’s 70 expected and not everyone will eat it with the eggs. What do you think @natalia_skoczylas @alex_levene @nabeel_p - better to make it for more or less? And @natalia_skoczylas let me know if buying a few large tubs of hummous will be within budget or if we need to make it ourselves.

Also, is anyone feeling a pull to choose the cous cous salad recipe? I’m happy to come up with a mix of a few recipes (such as with chickpeas, cilantro, cucumber, perhaps even pomegranate!) and/or help, but just wanted to open it up… And yes, great idea with using spices across dishes Alex.


1/2 litre canola/ vegetable oil
20 medium yellow onions, chopped
10 large bell peppers (mix of colours or the same is fine)
10 large chiles
10 heads of garlic
1 litre tomato paste
8 litres whole peeled tomatoes
10 bay leaves
250 grams salt
150 grams sweet Hungarian paprika
150 grams ground cumin
75 grams black pepper
50 grams caraway
5 bunches of spinach
60 large eggs

++ 5 loaves of assorted bread
++ 5 large tubs of hummous

:lemon: :grapes: :pineapple:

Ok, so I’m going to take that as a “yes please anique go ahead and come up with the Couscous salad recipe!” and “sure, cooking for 40 for the shakshuka sounds about right!”. If any of you disagree (eg. @alex_levene @nabeel_p @mboto… ) let me know, otherwise I’ll be putting the above and the below into the checklist for the food shop.


  1. perhaps worthwhile letting us know when you’re doing the food shop
  2. to feel free to give me a call while you’re doing so if you want to talk through any of it (0487 29 39 91)
  3. can you let us know what equipment will be available (eg. we’ll need some large frypans and salad bowls) in case we need to organise others?

COUSCOUS SALAD (adapted/ made up recipe for 70 people)

6 packs (10 ounces) couscous
6 medium cucumbers
6 medium tomatoes
6 bunches of fresh cilantro
1 small bottle of olive oil
1 small bottle of lemon juice
2 heads of garlic
6 avocados
6 pomegranates


Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Everything sounds delicious :slight_smile:

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Hi anique,


sorry, its been all about prepping myself to walk away from work for 6 days and i’ve not been keeping up on prep for the event.
I’ll be on the Eurostar to BXL tomorrow and part of my time will be spent looking at the shopping list.
Will aim to shop tomorrow afternoon. Happy to call you while we are doing it.
Once i’ve seen the space i’ll let everyone know if we are missing any important equipment. I trust @natalia_skoczylas when she says we will have everything we will need.

Totally understand @alex_levene, and also trust that space is now opening for you to easefully move into caring for you and with OpenVillage :herb:

So I’m just transferring the shakshuka and cous cous salad ingredients over to the checklist and have added some thoughts on equipment. Would appreciate if you can take a glance over the ingredient amounts as this is the first time I’m cooking for such a large group.

Yup feel free to call me during the shop and if you feel an extra pair of hands and a heart would benefit let me know - I’m finishing up the caring through uselessness objects but can get there if it’s needed. In fact, I’d really appreciate a call once you’re at the venue so we can make sure we can soundboard/ cross check we’ve got everything. And well, yes to get a chance to welcome you in voice :slight_smile:

Safe travels