OpenVillage Festival 2018 meeting in Berlin

Hey everyone!

On Friday, 26th of January, @nadia, Henry Farkas and I are meeting in Berlin to discuss the Open Village in 2018. If you want to drop by, we’ll be from 3 PM till around 5 PM (CET) in Nach Am Wasser Gebaut on Kiehlufer 55.

If you want to join us remotely, please comment - I will prepare a hangout and send you an invitation when we’re starting.

We will discuss the program and the funding - if you have any ideas you’d want us to consider, tips about fundraising or sponsorships, and any additions to the program, please leave a comment as well (or keep them for Friday). Any help is very welcome at this point, as we have a limited time and tons of work to do. :slight_smile:

See you soon!


Aww I’m in Berlin right now but leaving early the 26th. Maybe @lucy is interested

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