OpenVillage House Sidi Kaouki Activities

Based on the our different conversations here is what we can and will do in practice during the OpenVillage Academy program in Sidi Kaouki. (For the wiki covering all practical information about the House, incl. location and travel guidelines, see the House manual.)

This is a wiki, so please edit it and add to it where you see a need. Initial writeup by @hazem.


1. People in the House

2. Space arrangement

3. Organization and timeline

4. Peer Learning Curriculum

5. Fun Activities

1. People in the House

1.1. Calendar

Note: The following Calendar is subject to changes according to flight confirmations, project coordination. Scroll the table horizontally to see all content.

2018-02-03HazemMatthiasAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerIslemGhassan
2018-02-04HazemMatthiasAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerIslemGhassan
2018-02-05HazemMatthiasGregoireAlbertoNadiaSymonAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerIslemGhassan
2018-02-06HazemMatthiasGregoireAlbertoNadiaSymonAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-07HazemMatthiasGregoireAlbertoNadiaSymonAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-08HazemMatthiasAmeliaAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-09HazemMatthiasAmeliaAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-10HazemMatthiasAmeliaAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-11HazemMatthiasAmeliaAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-12HazemMatthiasAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-13HazemMatthiasAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-14HazemMatthiasAlbertoNadiaAhmed OwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-15HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerJohnIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-16HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemMatteoGhassan
2018-02-17HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-18HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-19HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-20HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-21HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-22HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-23HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-24HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-25HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-26HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-27HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-02-28HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-01HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-02HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-03HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-04HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-05HazemMatthiasBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebOwenTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-06HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-07HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-08HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-09HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-10HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-11HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-12HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-13HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-14HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-15HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyIslamSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-16HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-17HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-18HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-19HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-20HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-21HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-22HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-23HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-24HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-25HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-26HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-27HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-28HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-29HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemNohaGhassan
2018-03-30HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-03-31HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-01HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-02HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-03HazemMatthiasAlexBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-04HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-05HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-06HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-07HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-08HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-09HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-10HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-11HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-12HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-13HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-14HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-15HazemMatthiasBishoyAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-16HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-17HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-18HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-19HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-20HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-21HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-22HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-23HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-24HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-25HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-26HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-27HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-28HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-29HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan
2018-04-30HazemMatthiasAbhinavSofienAhmed MajdebNarimanTantawyHadeerDorraIslemGhassan

1.2. People

In this section we can introduce ourselves as people of the openvillage, Please say a little something about yourself, what brings you here, what do you expect and want to learn, and what can you offer for the community.

  1. @hazem
    short bio : Urbanist, knowmad, interest-based learner.
    will be working on : Care for the people and projects around, contribute to BitCut and documenting the whole experience.
    wants to learn : data analysis, basic linux knowledge, and spanish language
    offers : whatever help you need during your stay personally or on a project level, I am here for you, discussions on bottom-up development.
    other :

  2. @matthias
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  3. @alberto
    short bio : economist, runner, committed citizen, proud European.
    will be working on : my thesis, 90%; optical coffee sorter, 10%.
    wants to learn : anything technical.
    offers : some network science and modelling. For the hosue, cooking, cleaning.
    other :

  4. @AhmedMajdoub

    short bio : Mechatronics engineer,world citizen, fighter
    will be working on : Optical coffee sorter
    wants to learn : Anything (technical or other)
    offers : Any help you need (house or project)
    other :

  5. @gregoiremarty
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  6. @SyMorin
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  7. @johncoate
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  8. @matteo_uguzzoni
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  9. @m_tantawy
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  10. @HadeerGhareeb
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  11. @Ghassan_faisal
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  12. Noha
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  13. @islem
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  14. @mmajdeb
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  15. @imake
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

  16. @Sofien-Dahem
    short bio :
    will be working on :
    wants to learn :
    offers :
    other :

2. Space arrangement

2.1. Sleeping arrangement

  • The 1st Floor contains 3 rooms, each can fit 2 person. a big living room can act as a good coworking space, shower , toilet and a kitchen. Plus a Big Terrace.

  • The ground floor has 3 separate studio apartments with a bathroom each, and we can use two of these. Each can hold around 3-4 persons.

  • A big terrace, nice roof with ocean view, swimming pool, a garden, and a non-functioning hamam :confused: (it needs some work to be fixed).

  • The normal arrangement is 12 person where the women (6) can use the studios and men (6) can use the 1st floor. (This leaves 3 more spots to be filled sometimes.)

2.2. Working arrangement

The house could be adapted for several uses depending on the people inside. We have several options to transform the space to working spaces.

  1. The big main living room. This is considered the main coworking space. It is located in the 1st floor so for it is preferred for the ladies to use the studios downstairs for more privacy.

  2. The big terrace. Could be used as a semi outdoor working space. The space is easy to adapt as long as the weather is fine, just bring the chairs and table and you have a nice small space for a team. It is in the shade so you can work with laptops during the day with the pool and garden view.

  3. The shaded outdoor space. It is located behind the southern facade of the house, quite nice space for a working space or a workshop.

  4. The space by the pool. The space could be used as a coworking space; There is a shady place for a big table by the solar panels.

  5. The roof. When it is not windy, and still needs more shading to fit a space enough for a small group.

3. Organization and timeline

We can use Dynalist and wikis here on for organizing the House and the projects happening in it, as follows:

  • This very document here is the main wiki for the House. It will list the main / strategic tasks for every month and we can and discuss them here in the comments section.

  • Here is the dynalist for all tasks (House and projects). It contains sub-lists for projects, for example the coffee sorter dynalist.

3.1. Plan for January

For January 2018, out main tasks are the following:

  • During the first week (5-12 Jan) we need to prepare the house to fit our needs, meaning getting an internet connection, preparing the sleeping areas to be gender separated, and preparing the working area.

  • Getting to know the local community and find a carpenter who is willing to join the project or who is willing to allow us to rent/use his workshop and tools.

  • Then start working on the following projects (starting date 15th January): coffee sorter project, surf boards, storytelling / documentation.

  • Preparing to launch the Mesh network project by gathering the interested people from the local community and finalize the planning done in Riot including securing the equipment needed.

3.2. January Summary

To get a more in-depth summary please check the January summary post

  • The spaces, Internet are ready and waiting for people

  • no Carpenter but we got in touch with someone who has a CNC in Essaouira which we can rent. we asked for a 3d printer to be borrowed/rented from Casablanca but still no replay about this.

  • Some young people from the local community are happy to join our up coming activities regarding furniture and any other educational activity ( as sometimes it is fun to do something new especially here there is not much activities around ) Besides we can do something with the nearby school, either with kids, or a play ground wit bitcut or even connect it with the Internet.

  • No projects started yet, all are postponed to start in February due to flight arrangement and or visa processes.

  • the mesh network project took another turn to be made as an intensive 3 days workshop in the 1st week of Feb ( check @gregoiremarty post )

3.3. February plan

  • The participants are arriving and we can start working on the projects, each project can coordinate internally using the dynlist and or other means of communication and report the documentation on the platform.

  • Start our experience with the peer to peer curriculum, cooking, cleaning, sports, games, movies…etc and have fun.

4. Peer Learning Curriculum

Every academy has a curriculum, and so do we :grin: Our is different though, as it’s all about sharing skills and knowledge we enjoy. Also, these are side activities beyond the typical project work, which is organized internally inside each project (but of course others are invited to join quite often).

So, edit this and add either (1) what you would teach if there’s an interest or (2) what you would like to learn if there’s a teacher.

Workshop proposals with a teacher:

  1. Bicycle repair and maintenance. By @matthias. All the basics using bicycles from around for hands-on “case studies”. You should be able to maintain your bicycle all by yourself afterwards, including brake and derailleur configuration, fixing a wobbly rim with a spoke key etc… Don’t expect anything fancy though, as we only have basic bicycles and basic tools so far. Two sessions around 2 hours each.
       Interested to participate: @hazem [add your username here] @alberto

  2. Building a mobile broadband router. By @matthias and [your-name-here?]. We will build a mobile broadband router to provide a backup Internet connection for the House. For that, we will use open source hardware and software as much as possible: a Raspberry Pi 3, Linux, a mobile broadband modem, and a self-made weatherproof enclosure and raised mount. One session of 4-6 hours, or two sessions of 2-3 hours each.
       Interested to participate: @alex_levene @hazem @matteo_uguzzoni [add your username here] @alberto

  3. Linux installation party. By @matthias and [your-name-here?]. You’ll install and configure Lubuntu Linux on your notebook computer, but you can keep Windows as well. Includes introductions to the programs you need to replace typical Windows software: LibreOffice, Inkscape, GIMP etc… 3 sessions of around 2 hours each.
       Interested to participate: @hazem [add your username here] @alberto

  4. Working with photo spheres. By @matthias. A nice new feature with most recent smartphones, but it takes a bit of time to master it. This workshop shows ways to view the photo spheres on your own computer and online independent of Google software or services. We’ll also learn how to fix issues in the photo spheres with image processing software, and a hack that allows to capture a photosphere as normally with the Android camera app, but that processing the photos with open source software into a result with more than twice the resolution produced by Android. We’ll all take some photo spheres and work with these, of course.
       Interested to participate: @HadeerGhareeb [add your username here]

  5. Alternative first aid without a kit. By @HadeerGhareeb. It will be over a session for an hour.
    Interested to participate: @matthias @hazem @matteo_uguzzoni [add your username here]

    1. 10 min: Introduction and safety.
    2. 20 min: Fixing a bone (arm / leg), theoretical and practical (ex. using tree branch, magazines / newspapers, jacket, belt, …).
    3. 20 min: Stop a bleeding / handle a burn, theoretical and practical (using ex. T-shirt, plastic rolls,
    4. 10 min: Handling mild dehydration and heatstroke (ex. drinking 7up or Spirite to correct the electrolyte imbalance).

Workshop proposals without a teacher (so far):

  1. 3D scanning with a camera. We would experiment, learn and practice to create 360° scans of objects using a smartphone photos, and sharing them as textured 3D objects online. We will use open source software as much as possible. Would be useful to document and share Bitcut results.

5. Fun Activities

If you have an idea of a fun or crazy activity that you want to make and need company

  1. Hiking to Essaouira
    It was mentioned (by a local person) that you can walk by the beach to from Kaouki to Essaouira. There are no barriers on the road. Would take around 5 - 6 hours; so if you are interested oin a long walk by the beach add your name and lets find a time to do so
    Interested to participate: @hazem, @matteo_uguzzoni [add your username here] @alberto

  2. Playtest “Invisible Cities” board game
    @matteo_uguzzoni " I will bring with me a prototype I’m working on, is a tabletop game for 4 > 6 participant but in its simplest form could become a game for 12 people. I would love to run 3 to 4 playtest session during my stay (7th feb > 15th feb), each session is 45 minutes circa."
    Interested to participate: @hazem @alberto @matthias
    proposal ; having a board game night on the 13th or 14th Feb, will be 9 people in house.

  3. Making an improvised gym
    @AhmedMajdoub is interested in making improvised gym equipments to train with.
    Interested to participate:

  4. Visiting the nearbty villages
    @hazem : " I want to go and visit the nearby villages, my proposal is to take the micro-bus that passes by the house early in the morning till its final destination aka Sidi mubarak "

  5. Movie nights ( Documentations - Ghassan Hard Desk)
    Interested to participate:

  6. Party by the full moon
    well its a clear sky, would be nice to have a party on the roof on the 2nd of March on the moon light ( having the moon as the only source of light )
    Interested to participate:@hazem


So surf boards starts on Feb not in January… Also why compress it in 4 days… We can take our time in researching for the right materials, best way in making the boards, make the necessary drawings before getting into making the board ?

I will be free from 15th of Jan till mid May/june. I am flexible to join any project however would fit more with projects involve the local community.

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@HadeerGhareeb this is rather fortunate. I would like to see some project involving the local community, if this is compatible with the main goals.

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I dont know much about the comunity there but i was searching and found it is a rural area. If I can relate it to most of rural areas in the Arab countries, a group of newcomers coming and moving around will require an explanation enforced by involving them.

I see that BitCut require a local workshop, Radio and storytelling as well.

Moreover, the activities that were suggested will for sure help.

I also found that when you work with their kids in a transparent way and impact them. They trust you more and the kids are the best advocator for you , this actually happened with me in a closed beduin community in Sinai before.


Thanks for this @hazem - so exciting to see it coming together!

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ll seed this with local Tunisian female attendees at next week’s camp in Medenine, with the intention of opening smooth pathways for ideas developed there to be prototyped at Sidi Kaouki, and that it can be a gender diverse space serving the MENA community.

For now, I have set aside 4 - 11 February for setting up the Radio Kaouki project pending my travel can be included in the US$1500 mentor travel budget, and of course that there is space in the house.

If you’re interested in my support in community/ business planning I could look to arrive a week earlier making it two weeks, or join in April on my way down to Ghana for the Africa Open Science Hardware conference. In any case I’ll await to hear from you on costs before confirming my attendance.

On another note @HadeerGhareeb very curious to see how your project unfolds! Thanks for the important considerations.

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I confirm my arrival on 23rd of January.

Thinking loud with you of what could be done with the community with the limited info I could obtain about the community so far….

“Rural, famous for surf lovers “touristic somehow”, Men selling rugs, found some articles about Essouria in general suffer economic problems and child labor!!”

Mode of action

We need to rely on people living there and their spaces…it will be nice to run events on our garden but still we are leaving this place and we aim on implementing something for everybody so we can focus more on the common space they already use (promote for it and find ideas with owners to get income to keep it open)


  • Space / workshops owners. Since the town is an attraction for surf lovers…it will be helpful to design online services guide for tourists. And for spaces, we can assess the needs and help in turning those places to accommodate the community gatherings. We have an example in a village in Giza, Egypt where we turned neglected area under the bridge to a gathering place and play yard through upcycling. In the link below are some pictures of the area:
  • Kids. I would propose integrating “trash into Toys project” in their system. Here is a link to proposal for a school describing the project.

  • Women. Teach crafts and help in marketing it online / “Friday” Market. Health campaign about breast cancer self-check and proper nutrition for families.


Hi everyone! I’ll actually be working from Essaouira from the 1st to the 8th of Januari. Currently on a residency wirth Queens Collective in Marrakech. I’ve recently become involved with Edgeryders and have been working with @nadia, @alberto and others on Recode and will come by the house to say hi and help out a bit, I’m pretty good at carrying things back and forth. Will probably come on the 6th. Really looking forward to meeting you and seeing the house!


My dates: from 5 to 8 (9 at least)

For the record, looks like I will be over there to make the Academy video Feb. 6-16. I won’t be there that whole time - I need to figure out the specific dates and the best way to get there from California as usual balancing cost with reasonable comfort. It looks like flying into Marrakech is the best way for me because there are a lot of flights to London from here and then over to Morocco. I read somewhere here that it would be most practical to plan to stay over one night in Marrakech and then take the bus to Essaouria and then over to Sidi Kaouki. Matt and Hazem, do you agree this is the best option, or do you advise I also look at other options?


Easyjet fly from London Luton direct to Essaouria. It’s only 30mins on the train north out of london.
Only flies on Tuesdays though

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I got a good deal on a flight from Oakland to Barcelona to Marrakech and back, so I will take the bus from there. Thanks.

@hazem @matthias what is the best way of going about scheduling a few days stay at the house? I intend on coming by on my way back from the Africa Open Science Hardware conference around Fri 20 - Wed 25 April… Will be available to help out with thinking through next phases for projects towards the end of stage one.


hey @anique.yael in general yes we can manage to fit a space for you in the house. Could be a nice closing of “stage one” with you coming from the African open hardware conference to see how we can move forward in the region

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Lovely, I agree! Count me in.

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