Opportunity for social entrepreneurs from Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco Lebanon and Jordan: Call for application to join OCI Lab Incubator

What is OCI Lab?

“Open Collective Intelligence Lab” is the first P2P online incubator to support aspiring young social entrepreneurs in the MENA region through online mentoring and networking.

Is this opportunity for me?

This opportunity is for you if you :

  • Have brilliant ideas to bring a positive social/environmental change into their community. Though all ideas are welcome and eligible for consideration, we particularly encourage ideas that address climate change through innovation and technology
  • Are aged between 18 and 35 years old
  • Are based in one of the following countries of the MENA region (Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt or Jordan)
  • Are looking to start social enterprises
  • Are looking for connections with international mentors and experts
  • Are looking for skilled people, collaborators, to join their ventures

Apply as project Leaders ==> http://bit.ly/336Lvio

or if you

  • Have a set of skills
  • Are looking for a rewarding experience
  • Wish to use your qualifications for the common good
  • Wishes to take part and contribute in a social venture in the MENA region (Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco or Egypt)

Apply as contributor ==> http://bit.ly/2OARfeX

About the program

The program lasts two months starting from December 2019

The incubation program has been designed to equip participants with essential social entrepreneurship knowledge and provide guidance on how to prototype /develop an MVP.

The Incubation program has three components :

  1. Online Labs
  2. Online workshops
  3. Offline tasks

The lab lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, experienced mentors and OCI Lab team members conduct it.