Organize community events in Tbilisi, Yerevan, Kiev and Minsk

The day after tomorrow I will fly out to start this tour of eastern Europe. Very excited!

Please organize and share, both on Edgeryders and on mainstream social media, informal moments where I can meet the changemakers and communities you have connected with. We already have an event on Edgeryders for the Yerevan meeting (; please, could you guys set up the other three as well. Additionally, it’s a good idea to set up Facebook events; they should be on the Edgeryders Facebook page unless you organize them in collaboration with someone else, and in that case you can use that person’s or organization’s Facebook page.

Please coordinate with @Noemi, also to get social media support. See you soon!


Facebook event for Yerevan meeting has been up for a few days now. Just confirmed the location which is going to be @ ICA garden. Now I need @Noemi to help me link it to Edgeryders fb profile if possible.

@Alberto @Nadia we got a screen and projector, so was wondering what could we watch after the meeting. Let me know if you have any ideas. @trythis? :slight_smile:

Ok, so didn’t manage to link the event I had created to Edgeryders Fb page and I created a new one. Here is the link.


Hi everyone!

Sorry for missing out the Saturday call/discussion, yet I will make it up this week. Especially, due to the closeness of the event in Kyiv. Will post soon 5 other cases of organizations that have found. Yet, will invite more to the event.

This is the link, to the event in Kyiv, that I have created here on the platform.

As soon as it will be approved (especially time/date) will create a facebook event, linking it to Edgeryders Facebook community as well. Will also spread through various social activists groups, thus you can be sure of a nice crowd of interesting people to attend.

The only question right now is the preparation process, and for this @Noemi, I have written you a message on the soon to happen meeting with UN, that i have organized in order to prepare for the event. They have some questions, thus I would be more than happy either to communicate about those on skype or here.

Sincerely Natalie

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