Organizing “Hack 4 Environment” Hackathon in Egypt

Hello everyone,

This is Mohamed Elewa. from Cairo, Egypt and I’m here to Organize “Hack 4 Environment” Hackathon in Egypt.

I have +5 years’ experience in Business Development and Digital Projects Management. I’m working now in Education Technology and Education Solution Company.

I’m passionate about creating projects, Research & Development, Technology and positively impacting to society.

I also worked as a volunteer in a couple of very important NGOs and student organizations in Egypt.

Also, I found 2 initiatives the first one was a supporting child with cancer with psychotherapy in " the National Cancer Institute” in Cairo. And the second one was providing “Community School’ to one of the poorest areas in Cairo “Masr El Adema”.

All beside different projects to Empower youth through career counseling, free training courses and helping them finding their dream job. Empower entrepreneurs to start their business by providing the required business development tools.

I also studied “Social Entrepreneurship” at University of Connecticut at USA at 2014, at SUSI Student Leaders Programs funded by US. Department of State.

My Motivations and Goals are all about ecosystem building and developing resources for entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders.

This is why I’m organizing “Hack 4 Environment” Hackathon in Egypt.oad, drag or paste images.

انا محمد عليوة . من القاهرة - مصر ، متطوع لتنسيق " هاكثون البيئة الرابع " في القاهرة
لدي خبرة أكثر من 5 سنوات في مجالي تطوير الأعمال وتطوير المنتجات التكنولوجية والمنصات . ، كما أعمل مدير لتطوير الأعمال لاحدي الشركات الرائدة في تكنولوجيا التعليم .

عملت لعده سنوات في العديد من منظمات المجتمع المدني والمنظمات الغير هادفة للربح والأنشطة الطلابية .

مهتم بتطوير الأفكار ومنظومات دعم ريادة الأعمال وتوفير بيئة عمل مناسبة للمشاريع والابتكار في المشاكل المجتمعية




@elewa94 Really happy to see you on board my friend, and excited to see you join the “Hack 4 Environment” Movement during the Edgeryders Festival :smiley:
Pinging @nadia

I am pinging also @alberto whom I think was part of the Edgeryders’ Acedemy. Aside from the festival and the Hackathon, I think @elewa94 has a great experience and passion about Education technologies and elearning :slight_smile:

Hello @elewa94, a warm welcome. Looking forward to connect you with others in our global community and happy that you will help to support fellow future builders in the region.

Starting with fellow edgeryders close to home :slight_smile: @dina @gazbiasorour @HadeerGhareeb @hegazy @amiridina.

A good introduction to the kinds of initiatives edgeryders elsewhere on the globe are working on at the moment is the november calendar of activities. You will also find the information about the different festival events happening in Berlin, Brussels, Stockholm and more:


Nice to meet you, Mohamed, welcome. I am a bit removed from operations in North Africa these days. Nadia and Sohayeb himself (already active on this thread) are much closer to the action. But… let me know if I can do anything specifically!

Thank you @nadia , and i’m really hoping for a fruitful cooperation and support.

and i’m looking forward to meet the colleagues here in Cairo soon in the Hackathon.

Thank you @alberto , nice to meet you too. and looking forward to cooperation.

Thank you @Sohayeb , and im thankful for such an opportunity.

Do you have the date and location for the hackathon already? When you do, please add a post here with the description, date and location so we can include it on the festival website and also announce it to the rest of the community.

It will be 22-24 of November in Almaqarr co-working space in the Greek-Campus
i’m waiting for the Facebook event that will be created from Edgeryders Facebook page to start a campaign and all details will be published and our speakers list.

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@Sohayeb mentioned that the event will be created from his side in edgeryders facebook page .

Ok what is important is that people are signing using a form and not by just saying the are “going” on faceboook. I think @sohayeb is building the form

Sure we will do that in order to filter the applicants

Great to hear about that and I can feel your energy ya @elewa94 :smiley:

at first, I was confusing it with Hivos green hackthon by Rise up that is already going these days but then I read and it was clear.

let me know if I can help with anything :slight_smile:

Thank you @HadeerGhareeb . i am really looking to see you at the Hackthon.
and as i see from your profile your interest about Recycling. please let me know if you want to share something or giving a session during the Hackthon

Sure, this would be cool.
Let me know if Trash Into Toys would fit in your agenda.

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Hi @elewa94 Can you tell us more about the hackathon. Whom are you targeting? How can people participate? What and who are you looking for? Thx. Good luck!

Hello @amiridina ,

the Hackathon details is here: Hack 4 Environment Cairo

you can fill this form: All you have to do now is filling a form :

the facebook event:

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ping @hana_elsafoury_4 :). This is about Hackathon in Cairo. @elewa94, I think the two of you should talk about how you could collaborate. @hana_elsafoury_4 is reaching out on behalf of Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) ( to discuss your upcoming event in Cairo :slight_smile: